Seven bells

It's what the apartment counted, at least seven bells, and not one single resident took the time to add his name to it. If they didn't care why should he? He pressed each one of them several times and waited from a distance. All windows were dark but at least someone should be at home, all asleep perhaps? How come no one woke up and switched the light on? It remained quiet and dark. Again he pressed each button, a bit agitated this time. He needed to figure out if he had taken the bag with him plus he needed a place to stay for the next days. His friend should help him out. Wasn't that what friends are for? For a while, he sat at the wall that surrounded the apartment and waited. They all could be out or was the building abandoned?/How long ago had it been they spoke to each other?
For the third time, he stood in front of the door, and pressed each bell, kept his finger longer on each button as he should. It was hard to believe everyone was out or all bells were broke.

"Waiting for someone?"

An elderly police officer showed up out of the blue. He looked friendly but he wasn't sure if he could trust him. "Never trust a cop, " his father and friend both always told him. Ironically enough both became cops, reason enough to believe them.

"A friend, " he stammered but it looks like he forgot I would drop by."

"What's his name?"

"Ben Gord... I mean Ben Whitley."

"A cop?"

He nodded.

"He moved out a while ago I can give you the address or take you over there if you like."

Before he knew he left with the helpful policeman. It wasn't like planned but why should he care as long as he had a place to stay. Ben would help him for sure. Why did he move?

"It's only a few blocks away from here. I guess he still likes the neighborhood although he could afford something more stylish if you know what I mean."

He nodded since he didn't know how to respond.

"Where did you two met?"

The officer observed the nervous young man sitting next to him.

"Foster care".

Before he knew he had answered the question, talked about a subject he swore he would never discuss with anyone.
The police officer didn't seem to be curious enough to ask further on and focussed on the road.

"Here it is. You need to be at number 17. I hope you two have a good time. Give him my regards, my name is Fidelo. It's my last day before my retirement."

Fidelo smiled and looked relieved but it made the young man feel uncomfortable. It felt as if the officer knew more. Was it a setup? Did he watched the house, Been and him as well?

"Thanks for driving me. I won't stay long, I just need to pick up something, a doll..."

"A doll?" Fidelo sounded surprised. "If that's the case you better come along with me. There's something I like to show you."

This time his voice didn't sound as kind as earlier and before Ben's friend knew he sat in the back of the car on his way to the police station. It didn't work out as he had in mind but a place to stay for the night could be included.



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