I present you a new shrink-adventure from the 6th floor.


"Salsbury and the many missionaries before him knew

that all of this - the powerhouse, the gardens, the growing fields, the barn, the hospital - were all part of a major campaign against the upper class. They preferred to call it a campaign because it sounded better as a witch hunt against the rich with the goal to destroy them.

As long as the church owned what the villagers needed they would be on their hand. What no one knew was that Salsbury belonged to the upper class and volunteered to infiltrate into the sick world of the church. He had no plan at hand but intended to kill them all, burn down the church and take back what is his."

"How can you be so sure that is what happened?"

"Because... I hope you can keep a secret."

She nodded, bent forward to him.

"because... I am Salsbury", he said triumphantly.

"You are ... Salsbury? Wow."

"What bullshit. If that guy ever existed it was three- till four hundred years ago! You never saw a church in your entire life". Your name is Fred, you are nuts and join our group because you love to be the center of attention and the society hates you", Peter barked.

"Dough Friday" I used to call him teasingly, since out "marital visits" began usually that day when...."

"Yeah, yeah, we all heard your story at least a billion times Mary. The fact is you are in here and "Dough Friday" left you for a nice, juicy, steak."

Like a frightened bird, Mary sat in her chair. She didn't intend to tell the same story over and over again just wished to share a part of her miserable life with the rest. Most never said a word. Just sat there and waited till the moment they were allowed to leave. They always told her that if she opened up others would do the same. The way Peter opened up... She kept her head low and counted till ten, till twenty... till a hundred. That man!

Salsbury observed the therapy group.
Shouldn't birds of a feather stick together? They had nothing in common, what made this group successful? The therapist hardly spoke, not even made notes.

"I go."

"You go? How selfish you are. We all listened to your story and now you refuse to listen to ours!"
Peter was furious and as one the rest of the group turned against Salsbury.

"You stay Fred, or should I say "Dough Friday? You don't leave before we, each of us, told you our story."

Mary no longer sounded like a scared bird.

"You thought I didn't recognize you", she hissed into his ear while she pushed a knife against his throat.
"Now you listen to us and after that, we have dinner. Something nice and juicy."

"Sounds good", Tim said, "as long as it is without dough."

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Hi Hello friend @wakeupkitty, your story today was fun first with your character Salsbury the bad guy in the story, and then coincide with a character named Mary and her miserable life, for my part I to my character Mary today went to the prison of visit.

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@felixgarciap That is no coincedence. I used your Mary. I think it was time for her to join the group. 😅 I am hapoy you liked it. If you wonder about the therapist you can read the first story (twenty years). I guess the therapist gave the knife. In one of the other parts she helped out a client too. I will have a prison. 💕Posted with ![](

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