Rutger Hauer - Soldier of Orange

Times have changed.

I always liked to watch a film. There was a time you could see one undisturbed on television. No 15-20 minute long commercials every 10 minutes. There was no broadcasting 24/24, television was special. Because of the commercials, I gave up on it over 10 years ago. I do not miss it. If I want to watch a film I want to watch it without interruptions. It is relaxing time for me.

Once it was quiet in the cinema.
It was a luxury place where you could watch a film without people who had to pee every 10 minutes, eat popcorn and spill it on you or could not shut up for 5 minutes.

Behavior like this has to do with culture, raising, norms, and values. In some cultures mouths are closed in the cinema and eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed, no ashtrays all over the house. Eating you do when you sit at a table. Eating = not speaking. We learned not to disturb other people on their day/evening out.

The cinema is no longer special.
People are always in a rush. If two film lovers stay to see the end of the film, until the screen turns black, it is a lot and they will be kicked out by the cleaning staff.

This all means I have a large collection of films on video and DVD (35 years) and so have my children. We still watch them, without interruptions at the time it suits us.

I missed the news Rutger Hauer died.

He died at home on July 19 (07-19-17).
Somehow I felt surprised he lived in the Netherlands.
Many elderly people leave (the kind of weather gets into your joint and bones, kills), so do the ones who get famous.
He did not get that old. If he had to work till the age of 72 like the Dutch government and the EU wants us, he would only have had only 3 years of retirement.

The first film with him I saw was Soldaat van Oranje (1977)

He played Erik Lanshof. The name of the film is the nickname given to Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema after the second World War.
The film is based on the book. Erik wrote about his student life during the war in the city of Leiden. He and Guus escape to the UK and start spying in the Netherlands for the UK. It all turned out to be a British diversionary maneuver.

Erik asked himself as the war was over if his sacrifices were worth giving up his (student) life. Today we do no longer care about these heroes. Those who fought/fight for their country, freedom, are called racists now.

To Paul Verhoeven, the director, this film was his international breakthrough.

Soldaat van Oranje (Soldier of Orange) was the official Dutch entry for the Oscars of 1977.

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29.07.2019 21:27

So very true... It's like people now live in an over saturated world, but everything has lost its flavor.

29.07.2019 21:42

We want a lot, do even more but do not enjoy if full hearted.. We are always busy with 3 other things, rushing.

30.07.2019 06:06

I am a Movie fan. I do go yo cinema however i got my film collection too.

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30.07.2019 04:39

I no longer go. Last year we intended. I was not allowed to take my bag with me and not willing to leave it with car keys, ID, phone behind. My kids had to go alone inside. Later I noticed other people with huge bags were allowed to take them with me. Discrimination or the fact they bought a bucket popcorn?

30.07.2019 06:04

30.07.2019 06:04

I;m with you on the commercials in movies - almost never watch the TV, only stuff with no commercials

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30.07.2019 16:37

I'm letting you know I recommended you in the @pifc contest this week, @wakeupkitty. This post was my fav of yours this week :)

And also - did you mean to use your alt pal account for goldmonkey? You are so far ahead of me these days!

31.07.2019 19:28

I will use the .pal as an extra account too. I try 1 post a day max. All those empty accounts I don't like plus I am testing if it grows faster with the knowledge I have now 😁. So it is a yes.

Doubt I am far ahead of you. I struggle and slept for hours. I think I can be awake for 4. 😞

31.07.2019 21:09


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01.08.2019 14:57

Thank you very much for featuring my posts and the tips 💕

01.08.2019 20:06

People seemed to have forgotten how to truly live life ... and that it's people/relationships and not stuff that's important. Thank you for the interesting free write @wakeupkitty, and thank you to @fitinfunfood for featuring your post in her Pay it Forward Curation Contest entry :)

03.08.2019 23:11

I feel the same way @wakeupkitty. What makes it worse is we pay for this experience. If I am spending $15 on a movie ticket, I expect people to behave. I guess I am getting old. I'll wait until it comes out on video buy it for the same price and use my surround sound. Then I don't have to put up with a kid kicking my chair or what has become my favorite, people pulling my hair because they use the back of my chair as a handrail.

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04.08.2019 18:57