The dog sniffed and circled around the heap in front of it. It felt uneasy ran away and came back with the tail between its legs. Something made it uncomfortable. It was at an early foggy morning it started digging till a hand appeared. Nervously it licked it, howled, and waited for an answer. After a while, it started again no longer afraid but excited as if it found a huge bone. It pulled at a piece of cloth, at the hand with its teeth while groaning. The lights of a car came closer. For a moment the dog listened to the familiar sound of the whistle.
"Come here, boy."
It hesitated but didn't leave. A short bark echoed through the air. It was loud enough to be heard by the driver.

The first thing she heard was voices. Unfamiliar voices. She tried to move but her arms were strapped to the bed and there was something wrong with her arm. It hurt and she could no longer keep silent. She screamed and the sound of her scream hurt her ears made her scream even more. Made her scream louder at the top of her lungs. Like any trapped animal she tried to free herself.

Steps sounded.

"Hurry... mental breakdown...get the..."

Something cold and wet touched her hand, it jumped on the bed, howled, growled, warned not to come closer. For the first time, she felt safe, calm. There was something, someone cared about her, cared enough to stay close, and start a fight.


  1. Memory
  2. Chocolate
  3. Urgent
  4. Leaving
  5. Life
  6. Blue

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