"Show us your Zen".

Zen? What Zen?
That question of mine was answered by @ qurator too with "show your way to relax".

My way to relax?
If I relax I have the next option: I do what I like.
What I like depends on how I feel and the possibilities I have. It can be I am doing totally nothing or I can read, sleep, write or watch films.

What I do not like is a conversation, never-ending discussions, my time to be scheduled by others and feel my time is wasted.
Wasted is my time/day if I feel I didn't do anything for me, what I like(d).

Do I have a Zen?
No, I don't think so unless it is avoiding what causes me stress which I do the past 30 years of my life.

  • I avoid people.
  • I delete people who drain my energy.
  • I keep my calendar as empty as possible.
  • I stopped making promises.
  • I try to live a scheduled life if it comes to being busy and doing nothing (not if it comes to food).
  • I live by my rules/needs not by society its.

I do not drink or smoke or eat a lot to feel better.
I do not practice yoga or meditate to find or feel myself. I do not sport to keep my mind busy and give me a better feeling about me, although I like mind games. I try to be me, to accept me including my lack of energy, illnesses, and bad DNA, etc.
If you ask me it's better to prevent as to fight fear, boredom, low self-esteem, stress and the idea of all those things you can not have or think you miss and which you never really had.

Focus and invest in yourself, your own basic needs.

If you do so you will find your own balance. Now is the perfect time for it.

This is my entry to @qurator's Monday Missions.

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