Something red.

I intended to keep it green but before you know it it's red. The thing is I do not specifically buy what fits into my house. A useful gift is welcome and I don't throw it away because it does not have the right color.
I should not care about it anyway since the house isn't mine and my sight is getting worse too.

I'm surrounded by more red.
The Christmas tree is still there. Decorated and lights burning mainly at night.
Why care about taking it away? It's a tree and not in our way plus it is dark and grey outside. We have stormy weather.

The foot of the tree is wrapped in red paper.
It's around it since years. Why red? I have no idea. I guess because we always did it or the candles are red?

**The thermos flask is red, the print on the bus-kid's beker is (mine is green) and the pot with sea ​​buckthorn oil pills - and even those pills - are red.

You do not need to buy them unless you like to waste your money and love the taste of oil in your mouth 24/24. Even the dirty hemp oil didn't manage to do that.

Is there more red in the house?
Of course the taps, some lights, buttons and even my hot water bag is (actually three are we have at least 8).

More red

I love to eat them but they are too expensive.
Especially filled with rice and minced meat it is food for the soul.

This is my entry to the CCC-contest TAKE a PIC and comment #19
Theme: something red
Deadline: Feb. 15, 2020
Write a post with photo/s, leave your link.
Hosted by @olivia08
the latest update <<< please click to read.

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10.02.2020 15:37

Thank you @davidke20./💕

10.02.2020 15:38

Oh my God! You are really surrounded with something red that is fitted toy theme today. I thought you would post something about Valentined day but it's too funny because it is all about Xhristmas tree. I enjoy reading and quick entry.

Thank you so much for your support. Good luck and have a nice day dear @wakeupkitty.

10.02.2020 16:34

We do not really celebrate Valentines day as you know. So if I think about red it's not Valentines day pops up in my head.
Not even blood since I saw my color.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy evening and sweet dreams my friend 💕

10.02.2020 17:46

Hello @wakeupkitty,, I am glad that I am not the only one who is obsessed with the color red. By the way, what is ccc again? I mean the community.

10.02.2020 22:10

I would not call it an obsession but I seem to be surrounded by it. I think it's a nice, warm color.
You can join this contest too if you have red 😁

CCC #ccc or #hive-166850 is a community that helps little fish grow by hosting contests. There are 6 now.
Many pay a bit for joining already and if you use the tag + invitation @team-ccc gives an upvote too.

All contests are hosted by members, it's not a rich or big community but a great one plus it helps me grow.

I hope you are doing well. Happy day 💕

11.02.2020 07:41

thank you for the info!

11.02.2020 07:45

Tienes mucho rojo en casa. Ayer estuve tomando fotos de los rojos en mi jardín. Trataré de hacer la publicación de rojo hoy.
Mi planta de pimentones no los tiene rojo aun. Están verdes.
Que bueno volver a leer tus publicaciones. @wakeupkitty. Tengo unos 15 días muy difíciles con el internét.
Precisamente cuando inicio el concurso, pasa esto. Hubo en el país dificultades con las comunicaciones de nuevo. Esto del internét se está restableciendo de nuevo. Un abrazo.

11.02.2020 07:11

Haz una foto del pimiento verde. La próxima vez podríamos necesitar verde. Anoche tuvimos problemas de electricidad debido a la tormenta. A las 4 am estaba tranquilo y seco. A las 5 am tuvimos rayos durante más de 2 horas, sin truenos. Estábamos en medio de eso. Luego volvió el viento, lluvia y granizo piedras! Tenemos más rojo. A mi hija le gusta. La alfombra en el dormitorio es. rojo y una pared y muebles. La pared ya estaba roja. Hecho de esa manera por las personas que vivían en la casa antes que nosotros. También tengo vasos rojos. 💕

Make a photo of the green pepper. Next time we might need green. We had electricity problems last night because of the storm. At 4 am it was quiet and dry. At 5 am we had lightning for over 2 hours, no thunder. We were in the middle of it. Next the wind came back, rain and hail stones! We have more red. My daughter likes it. The carpet in the bedroom is. red and one wall and furniture. The wall was already red. Made that way by the people who lived in the house before us. I have red bekers too. 💕

11.02.2020 07:46

Si tengo mucho verde. Menos mal que no sonaron los truenos. Me dan miedo los truenos. Aquí nunca pude ver el granizo.
A mi hijo de pequeño le gustó mucho el rojo por los Power Rangers, pero ya cambio de color, jajaja.

11.02.2020 11:50

@gertu Tengo mucho más verde rojo. Dudo que mis hijos hayan tenido un color favorito. Antes de mudarnos, mi hija tenía morado. Las paredes también eran moradas. Ahora es rojo.Posted with ![](

16.02.2020 07:26

Being surrounded with red is never a dull moment.

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11.02.2020 16:14

It keeps awake for sure although I liove green more. 💕

12.02.2020 11:39

That is a lot of red. Thank you for joining this contest.
We gave you an upvote. Greetings @team-ccc.

13.02.2020 07:36
0 happy with the contests. Thanks for the uovote. 💕

13.02.2020 17:31

I like your red pots and thermal flask and the sign that said "Kitchen Closed" :D
I have been looking around my house for something red and I realised I do not have that many haha. I will work out something for @olivia's contest.

14.02.2020 11:09

I have even more... forgot the tray...

15.02.2020 00:27