QOTW: Conflicts.


So this week I would like to go deep sea diving with you, into a very important question and topic! What do you think is at the root of conflict between (wo)man kind? Are the reasons we have for small conflicts like we have with friends and family the same as the reasons we have for global conflicts between countries and cultures?

The reason we have conflicts.

Even the most peaceful person will have conflicts at a certain point in his/her life. If not with others then with him-/herself. This is something of all ages, as long as humankind exists.

Humans are animals and they fight if they feel threatened, a border is crossed, for their territory, properties, partner and because they are human for what they are told what is right too (Bible, Quran Nation, Religion, Ideas, etc.).

Humans might be seen as a higher species but are way easier to imprint (brainwash) as animals.

It is great we humans can talk, express ourselves but words are not the only way.
A sensitive person will feel the hate, dislike, aversion no matter how friendly it is greeted or patted on the back.

Conflicts, no matter within a relationship, family or between countries always start the same.

  • "You do not hear what I say" (there is a big difference between listening and hearing),
  • "You do not want what I want" (always compromising is killing),
  • "You do not understand what I mean" (speaking different languages), and
  • "You are different!" _(only birds of a feather stick together, the ugly duckling was kicked out).

If we would really respect people, give each person the room he/she needs, are not controlling each other's lives and we all were blind, deaf and dumb we might live in a peaceful world. I say might since there will always stand up one person who will rule the whole world by abusing, manipulating, threatening others for his/her own sake (saw the film Blindness?).

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