Preparing for December 5th

Sint Nicholaas is near...

We will celebrate December 5th later together with my daughter.

I packed some boxes with food for her and the two blankets we used this morning are still in the car. Slowly I am packing and cleaning up the place.

It is good to have some customs in your life.
December 5th is one of them.

I should not have done it but...

I baked a cake.
I am a fast cook. This time I used eggs and butter. I melted the butter, added sugar,4 eggs and flour.
I stir by hand and do it my way.

I remember my grandmother used a goose egg and truly believe the butter she used was different from what we buy these days. Most are fake and with palm fat or palm oil and it smells...

My grandmother never used baking paper.
I recycle this piece.
She used the paper the butter was wrapped in and measured all ingredients very precisely. She added grated lemon zest, I added some almond ... It looks strange... green and is different from what I always used but that is no longer available.

I ate too much cake.
It tastes fine, not like my grannies and I will feed it to my children. Less butter and sugar I would like more. I am no longer used to it.

We will have a little celebration on December 6th.
I wrapped some chocolate for the children and marzipan, we have hot chocolate with whipped cream.and if our living isn't too cold we can watch a tv series about Sint Nicolaas on DVD.

Who knows I even bake "kruidnoten"

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It look so delicious.

04.12.2019 16:39

If you were here I gave it to you. Thanks for your comment. Happy day. 💕

04.12.2019 17:03

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05.12.2019 03:30

Thank you for being a ccc member. We gave you an upvote ans wish you a great December 5th celebration. @team-ccc

05.12.2019 08:32

The cake looks yum! Hope you had/have a wonderful December 5/6 celebration there with the kids :) I agree, it is important to have customs. It brings family together.

06.12.2019 14:56

@marblely we kept it small but had fun and that is what counts. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. ❤️Posted with ![](

06.12.2019 20:09