Pink is not my favourite colour.

Once it was a colour for boys and someone someday decided it is for girls and blue is for boys.
Thank you someone, I can not appreciate this fact.

As I was a little it was common to celebrate a birth with beschuit (Dutch toast) with muisjes _(literally translated it means mice but these a white and pink sprinkles, aniseed covered with a sugar coating). For many years the muisjes were white and pink. No matter if we a boy was born or a girl that was what you gave to the visitors, the siblings to the children in their class plus all teachers and... the mother.

Aniseed stimulates the production of breast milk. I assume that is how the tradition is born (drinking anise milk might help too).

Suddenly someone came up with the idea to make white and blue sprinkles and it is abnormal to present the white pink ones.

As my son was born I bought the white and pink ones. I do not see any reason to change a tradition like this. I have a strange feeling by eating blue food, blue candies like those jelly smurfs taste chemical. Where does that blue dye come from?

The colour pink (carmine) is made by the coccus insect (Dactylopius coccus) the colour is also known as E-120. I am not allergic to it a good reason to stick to it too.

No pink collar in my life.

A collar feels like being strangled (yes, I know how that feels) and if it comes to the labelling ... I am allergic to that too.

I made this photo this morning as I let the dogs out. It has nothing to do with my freewrite but is nice to share.

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I like sticking with traditional ways myself. Things sure have changed. I like the photo of the cabbage white butterfly. Have a great weekend! : )

14.09.2019 04:44

It is good to have some traditions or make them yourselves to brighten up your life and have something to look forward too.

I am not a typical boy-girl person and never raised my kids into that. They were free to play, wear what they liked. Girls no dolls but cars fine, boys knitting fine too.

The more skills you develop the better you stand in life and can manage. All my girls are "handy men".

I wish you a great weekend 💕

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14.09.2019 05:46