One of these days.

Tuesday - Oct. 22, 2019

4 am
Woke up dreamed about? Don't feel happy but cannot remember what it was. Gut feeling?

5:20 am
On the way to the bus stop. Some idiot drives behind me with full lights on. Good thing I have a dirty back windshield. Are all people living on the country have bad eyes?

We wait 5-10 minutes in the car till the first bus shows up. It is quiet except for the pub across the road. Each morning 10-20 people smoking and drinking. No one is doing that at home before they leave?

6:10 am?
Tea with the youngest.

On Socializing first. 🤔 I really need to study it.

Drank a pot tea alone.


Posted my 140words on WordPress next on Read and commented till 9:30 am

Wolves food and water and bedtime for me my phone is charging.

1 pm
Out of bed. The pain increases so are the infections. I am close to kill it stabbing a knife into it.
I wish it was all in my head but it is not. There are more skin infections, nerve infections, and other infections. Drops for my eyes, water, chewing gum, Vaseline inside my nose, Cantharis D6 and betamethasone 0.5 mg.
I hope it is less before the children are home.

Window open to let the warm air inside.

My first post of the day is Hard van leer trekken. Yes, it is written in Dutch and a follow up of 4 other stories.
As a mobile user only I need a trick to post in Yoors first. WordPress is my big help. I use it to write in and edit. Next I copy-paste it into Yoors. The WordPress app works great offline and with a bet connection as well.

I ate two boiled eggs.

Earlier stories I wrote

  1. Dik tevreden
  2. Over en uit
  3. Stapelgek
  4. Doordraven
    All stories were part of a writing contest of frutselenindemarge (140 words exactly and using a given prompt). No. 2 en 3 also joined a contest hosted by Hans van Gemert, on

Posted my Diary Day (Sunday - Oct. 20, 2019) Some Sunday. Weku first, next via SteemCoinpan. Via the wallet overthere I claimed my tokens.

Bus-kid texted me will take the bus of 2:30 pm.

Dpoll - done.
@chunkysoupsvc thank you for winning 😙.


  • Hot chocolate or hot apple cider
    German sheperds the most common and intelligent dogs
    Do you still upvote comments.

3 pm
Youngest home.

Time to get ready to leave.
Finish my 2nd beker tea with a bit milk.

3:30 pm
Wait for the bus-kid. Drank 0.5 liter water.

Hungry bus-kid goes to buy something to eat. Me suffering for pain stay in the car and wait. No school tomorrow. No cooking today.

4:20 pm
Back home. The youngest eats toast.
I bakes an egg for the bus-kid. Both children will eat the peanut sauce left.
I ate olives.

Bus-kid is cleaning his white T-shirt and shirt before it goes into the washing machine.

More tea for all of us.

5:20 pm
I did not vote once and my VP is the same as yesterday. How can this be? This we I never reach the 100% it is always below 80%.

5:45 pm or?
Posted Monday's diary

Been on Socializing and shared my misery (back on prednisone again).

It is 6:14 pm
Searched some photo's to join @qurator's Photo Friday.
I tried several times to post with @appics. Each time getting an error message (tried two different providers).

Posted my entry to the Photo Friday Challenge via @partiko.

Left the link via a @partiko reply but I have no idea if it will be received. Not one single pucture of a post loads and I cannot open it.

7:17 pm
Still in pain. Quess it will be a long evening/night.

Try to respond to comments... It takes ages it is 8:14 pm only did three.

@saboin wrote:

The CAT will attract the kittens more and more the longer you have it. If I remember correctly, it takes one month for all your CAT to turn into CATnip.

You can type ?catbalance in a comment anywhere and @catnet will tell you your CAT balance and how much of it is CATnip. You’ll see that he will answer me below this comment because I typed it.

!CATtip 30

Now you all know. Can we give eachother CAT now for a tip? (I asked it, the answer is yes!).

The commentcoin (#cc) is a fact!

@alucian has a great new project going on.
Interesting for those who comment and those who are too lazy to do so!
You can earn a commentcoin (cc) with it. With 10 you can attract Steemians who will comment on you (they go for that coin) if you use the #cc tag in your post.
It is a kind of bounty and makes it interesting. You write a few lines and earn, start a discussion with the other commenters and even earn more. 👍😁

So an author buys 10 CC and uses in his blog on an article the Hashtag CC. When the article is commented on, the person who wrote the comment gets a CC.

This will take a long time and require a lot of fine-tuning to make the project the desired effect for more comments on the chain.

Users like you don't actually need the coin, but unfortunately you make an exception. Most of the articles are insufficiently commented on, which is also the idea for the project.
I would like you to write about it one day. :-)

Might be I don't use it but I like to have it too. Please, if you comment take the time to write a bit more as 3 words. Most of you sit behind a computer. If I can write this all with one finger on my mobile phone you can type it with your ten fingers too.

@Commentcoin Team:
@kristall97 ([Code-Designer])
@alucian ([Project-Designer])
For Questions and Informations use the Discord Channel of @alucian please:
See here for more info about the commentcoin


11 pm
Posted my freewrite Amfibus.

Tried the promoting discord group. Upvoted three posts. More people could join.

Tips to give newbies and others a hand on Steem(it).

Please, ask for help if you need some.
You can ask me, @fitinfun has many tips and lots of experience and there is @steem-aide.
You are free to join a community but there is no need to do so to make it here.

Join with everything you post a contest!

Contact for free

Use @partiko's app or chat via the app Discord. Both will not cost you SP.

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You can delegate SP with

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  • @dustbunny does!
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  • @dustsweeper is back.
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The primary function of holding CAT is to bring the kitten-bots to deliver cuddles for you.
More fun things to do, like the CALL-A-KITTEN service, will be added in the future. Your CAT stake will be good for more than one thing, eventually. Also, any income with the program, posting-rewards and token-sales, will be used to further grow the project.
See here.

Join the daily 5-minute freewrite

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and @freiesschreiben (Deutschsprachig) and help yourself to improve your writing skills and to a subject to write about. This is not a contest!
The @freewritehouse has contests to join. One of them is recommend a freewrite.

Engagement League

Join the engagement league @abh12345 is hosting.
If you do, you will hear once a week a lot more about your work and engagement level on Steem. Comment, upvote and who knows you win. There is set a big prize for the winner and several smaller prizes.

Join the CCC contests!

CCC stands for Curation Circle Creed
There are 4 weekly contests and you earn for several reasons. For joining for example. Check the prizes they are not each week the same.
As a new member you get paid too .
It is a great way to earn in a fast way and to collect SBI shares. You only need to write 200+ words and answer the question.

@team-ccc is the account where you can find info about

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  • contests running,
  • the members and more.

Use Partiko

How about giving it a try yourself?
With my lousy, unstable connection it is the only app that still works most of the times. I can post with it and the notifications show an overview with who voted, commented and mentioned you.
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There are extra points if you watch a commercial of a few seconds.

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Try it. There is nothing to lose

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@appics has it's own token too.
There are more apps that will reward you if you use them.

More tips you can find at @wakeupkitty.pal.

Use them to grow especially if your connection is fine and not as slow as mine.

Each day I write a diary #forthechildren.

If I can I use SteemCoinpan for posting
Note: SteemCoinpan wants you to use three tags!

  1. sct
  2. sct-en (or one of the other languages)
  3. sct-diary or an other subject.
    Posting via SteemCoinpan saves me the first tag plus I can use more tags. Your post will automatically show up on

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This is an Invitation to join #ccc for Guaranteed 👍 Daily Income 💵 and Payout 💸 for Newbies (2.0) 🐟 🐜 🐛 in #ccc 👣 and Follow 👣 the Honor Code 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)
the latest update <<< please click to read.

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@artturtle thank you for the upvote again. 👍❤️Posted with

24.10.2019 10:31

@catnet saw the ?catbalance command in your post and he answered you in the comments. 😊

My voting power always stays between 60 and 65, but I follow some curation trails and I have some people on auto-vote. If you’re not voting, it should go up.

!CATtip 25

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23.10.2019 20:31

@saboin I noticed it 😄

I did some automatically voting but switched it off (not following a trail) also because I noticed Steemvoter does not vote after a waiting time of 5 minutes but in the first second. Now I do literally every vote manually and do no longer care being first or last. It did not work for me anyway, the whole curation thing. I earn nothing with it. I leave it this way.

I keep reading it will be at 100% in 23 hours but it never is. I will no longer check it out.

Thanks for responding and all your help again and the CATs. ❤️Posted with

24.10.2019 10:59

@saboin is sending you a tip of 25CAT

23.10.2019 20:32
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24.10.2019 10:59

Wow, volle Tage. Soviel zu tun bei dir.
Schade, daß du keine Zeit mehr für das deutsche Freewrite hast.

24.10.2019 14:50

Heute habe ich kaum Zeit sum Schreiber gehabt. Gerade rest gepostet word mal sehen ob ich es jetzt noch schaffe. LG 💕

24.10.2019 17:48