One day the sun shines on you

"The sun can't always shine upon you," they say and no, it's not what I expect but I do wonder who those "they" are.
"They" always seem to know better but if you observe those "they" their life isn't my better, in many cases even worse.
"They" spread phrases and memes not because they saw the light, felt the rays of the sun but because they clung to the last bit of hope those phrases give. Phrases made by others, psychologists, the government and the advertising world included. Fake happiness is sold to generations of people to cheer them up and make them believe it's good to be a poor bastard and bad to have money, money and property.
What "they" want is give a bad feeling about everything you own. Sharing we should but the real rich ones never share. If they give it's not by their heart but because it benefits them.

"They" are not the ones a person should believe. "They" are empty or crooks and do not care about others. You cannot because caring means sharing, opening up and reach out. Not only if it comes to the wallet but that ear, time to listen and really hear what is said first.
The naked truth is the sun doesn't shine on many and it never will. It's not motivating to share empty phrases like "your time will come". It's what you say if you want to get rid of someone, someone else's misery because you prefer to close your eyes to reality. It's fine if you do so but please stop sharing your killing expressions, words that are not yours. It doesn't make you a better or more intelligent person if you copy someone else.

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The prompt 'rays of sun is provided by @mariannewest

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