Not writing a prisoner again

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I keep sneezing and I cannot say it's fun to be me. My eyes are tearing and instead of me the kid with the allergies went outside and mowed a part of the lawn. Lucky me, it's good to have kids at home.

Yesterday I received a letter from an ex penpal.
An inmate I already gave up on I would hear from ever again. He was kind, I helped him out with all kinds of stuff. I didn't only send letters but material to study (the prison never gave it to him), books and money to make his life easier. Buy some peanut butter, socks, and paper, envelop and stamps.

During the period he stopped writing a lot happened to him. In Dutch we would say "he didn't sit still".
He met someone, got married, moved over to the area where the better life in prison is doesn't she doesn't care he will never get out.
That makes one think. Is this the American way? You can not easily get married in the Netherlands. No way., they need to check you and your past first. By the way, I doubt I would mind being married to an inmate. You know where he is plus it's good to have your freedom and own space and not someone around for 24/7. You visit when it pleases you. " Sorry mate I'm busy.
For an inmate being married means more privacy, a better life unless the parter dumps you. It is what his ex-wife did, the one who helped him to prison.
It was not all sunshine in his part of the world. After working hard for years to get a better life, the right to go outside and have a job the wrong cellmate spoiled it for him. After the hole, he is back where he started. It will take at least 4 years to get a bit of a better life, feel the sun again. Let's hope his wife is still around at that time.
Do I believe his story? No, but it doesn't matter. I can tell by the way he wrote it's not true and he changed. It's not the one I like to be involved in any longer. At the end of his letter, he asked me to write to someone else. I will not. I wrote over ten years and it's a good time to quit.

"If you need a friend I'll be there."

Do not count on it because friendship with an inmate is as long as your wallet is filled and over as soon as a better offer shows up.
If you like to know more about "justice" and have an open mind watch the Netflix series "I am a killer". Try to stay objective and watch the different stories and ask yourself who is right and who's wrong. Manipulation, threat, lies, tunnel vision, people lying they forgave, it's all present and justice is seldom done and manipulation goes on.

If you look for a pen pal you can write with me.


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