No decency

My granny always said "Meisjes die fluiten krijgen jongens met duiten" (girls who whistle get guys with money). If it comes to her it became true. My grandfather was a hard worker, autodidactic and became rich, extremely rich.

It did not make my granny happy or... live happily ever after (she is the "Merry" in my "Once upon... A life tale - Merry).

She enjoyed being rich, the luxury, the fur coats but she also cared a lot about how the small society she lived in thought about her. Gossips, the shame brought over her by her mother who ended in a madhouse, scam of her brother who went to prison, her smart niece that gave her inherence to the Bhagwan, her daughter who was left by her husband and clearly crazy, grandchildren who were not white, etc. Life, more specific other's lives were like a burden to her and a heavy stone around her neck. She counted each step she took and not because she used the app @actifit.

Long after the society stopped caring about gossiping or taking notice of the rich ones, my granny still thought she was important, the villagers knew who she was.

In reality no one cared about her, not even a cat. Her husband died a long time before her, her children only cared about her money and antiques and as she became ill, they stayed away so did her grandchildren.

Perhaps it all ended as the last part of her saying, the expression about the whistling... "maar zij die het doen, hebben geen fatsoen" (but those who do it have no decency.
Who knows it was the lack of decency that made even a dog avoid her.

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It's often how we live that makes a difference, not necessarily how much money we are earning. For example, I am just powering up all of the Steem I am earning here. I do not take any out (because the price dropped too much), but my focus is on connecting with as many people as possible on here.

02.10.2019 12:16

@shaidon I mainly power up plus give steem I earn to those who need itband join my contests. Since I hardly earn I have to buy extra Steem now or quitt with the contests and giveaways.

The contests are good to engage too but it is not the only way to so I need to think it over. My income is too low to invest in Steem each month. Real life, kids and bills first.

I wish youba great Thursday, thanks for asnswering I appreciate it. ❤️Posted with

03.10.2019 07:32

I don't really buy into Steem that much. I try to generate as much of it as I can.
I haven't taken anybout as it just hasn't been worth it.

03.10.2019 08:05

@shaidon Great you managed to do it this way. If it comes to posting and commenting I had enough SP but after the latest HF I wanted to give the same amount of vote so I decided to buy Steem to power up and make that possible.

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03.10.2019 17:04

I was never one who whistled and I never seemed to end up with a guy with any money....perhaps your grandmother was right;)

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@deirdyweirdy I never learned to whistle either. She could complete songs. Never heard anyone do it. Thanks for the delivery will see what to make out of baby talk not really my subject. Happy Thursday ❤️Posted with

03.10.2019 07:38