NL pandemic strategy

There's a huge difference between how many people are infected with the coronavirus that can cause Covid-19 and those who are (seriously) ill. Out of those sick people, the main part will never see a doctor (sorry client I need to take care of my own health) and simply stay at home. Something we all should have done with each flu. Instead, we show up at work, school, go to church, the shop and cough, sneeze in other people's faces while we do not cover our face, turn our heads and never wash our hands.

How many people do wash their hands at all? If I look around me hardly anyone does. Although it's forbidden people pee next to the road and next step into their car. Pee fingers, pee spatters on trousers, shoes, they find it quite normal. With those same hands, they smoke cigarettes, pour into their nose, eat a sandwich, and shake your hand.
No, it's no miracle to me why so many of us are infected with the flu year after year and now this. Let's put something straight if it comes to it people are dirty and like we all can see this is the result.
You can call it a second wave, a bad immunity, you can blame your colleagues, the restaurant for its bad hygiene, or the Chinese but the fact is if you get ill you are the only one to blame.
It's you who are too dirty, never cared about hygiene, cleaning your house properly, washing hands, touching everything. Not only at home but in shops, at market places too. I notice a huge difference between races and generations. I was raised not to touch everything. "We look with our eyes not our hands" the ladies in the shops always said and they still do. You do not pick up everything, touch it, you do not eat from the fruit, vegetables, etc unless it's offered. You keep your hands to yourself!
It keeps items new and food in better condition. Most fruit for example doesn't like to be touched, pinched, roll over the floor. Before it arrives in the shop a lot is done to clean it, keep it safe from bacteria, to make it look good, tasty. So keep your pee fingers to yourself. You can try it after you bought it. If you can't better grow it yourself. This way you learn how much effort it takes to grow something and you can eat as much as you like without paying for it.
Out of hygiene, the shops gave up on testing food and drinks. For sure they will be happy with it. Nobody will ask any longer if tasting is permitted and if you try it you will be sued for stealing. The fee is 250 euros by now if not more so think before you stick that grape into your mouth.

More people are infected.
How do we know? Because the government started testing. Testing was something they didn't do during the first phase (March 2020) because the tests needed to be invented first and after that developed, bought and they were mainly used for those working and ending up in the hospital. Caretakers in nursery homes were not tested. They needed to work without face masks as well. The issue with the face masks is solved although most of us do it without, did it without I should say. It's a mess in the capital cities of the Netherlands and the regions around it. No one cares any longer about social distance. It all exactly happened the way PM Rutte predicted. If a facemask is required why distance? Facemasks are required in public transport (busses and trains still transport people like cattle, they didn't make any arrangements to keep their customers safe) and by now in shops as well if the shopkeeper wants you to. It's a bit weird since the supermarkets wrapped their employees already in plastic and in some shops a thick layer of plastic hangs from the ceiling down to the floor or on the desk. Behind that, you find the employee. I doubt that plastic is cleaned daily and for sure hygiene is an issue too. Have you noticed how dirty shopping carts are? About the rest, I even do not dare to guess. Each shop has disinfection stuff at the entry. The idea is customers use it. Guess how many do? It's true most likely it won't help since 80-90% needs to be alcohol plus you need to rub your hands for at least 30 seconds. How many of you do that? But admit it would be a great start. Clean hands keep your keyboard cleaner and the doorknob as well (the doorknob carries more bacteria than a toilet so start cleaning especially if you do not live alone!).

More infected people we have mainly because we finally test more.

Those people who tested positive are registered. Daily or every few days those numbers are given to the RIVM (the Health and Environment Institute of the state). If they are updated is questionable. If it's interesting is questionable too since the biggest group is not ill at all, never sees a doctor, and will not end up ina hospital. Some do and most of these "some" already have health issues. Serious health issues that have nothing to do with being older or an elderly person but with not taking care of your health. The smokers, drinkers, overweight people, diabetics, and high blood pressure are the risk factors. Next to them those with serious illnesses like cancer. No, not each person with an autoimmune disease is put at risk. Guess what the medication is given next to (the doubtful medicine Remdesivir which helps against other types of Coronaviruses)... dexamethasone! Indeed. Dexamethasone is given and most likely the reason why the ill ones can stay shorter in hospital (Trump used dexamethasone too).
The Netherlands is out of Remdesivir by the way. It was good for a short article in the paper. Not an interesting one. Personally, I cannot say it's a big loss if in the same article is stated the medication doesn't work at all, it's all in the head.

What more loss we have in our small country (for the next 4 weeks with hopefully a Christmas together)?

  • Belgium is forbidden ground. The only ones being sad about that might be those who cross the border to shop.
  • The government wants us to work from home again (if possible of course) and if your employer forces you, you can sue him. * If one of the employees turns out to be positive the business can be closed for two weeks.
  • Sport for adults (18+) is forbidden unless they can keep distance.
  • Bars, snack bars, restaurants, etc have to close again but takeaway and home delivery, catering is allowed (better sell that big restaurant you only need a kitchen).
  • Musea can remain open (face masks and distance), cinema, theatre max 30 people.
  • After 8 p.m. it's no longer allowed to sell alcohol (drunks need to buy it before 8 p.m.) and soft drugs or to use it in public.
  • No events, festivities, etc. No song festival, no Carnival, fairs, etc.
  • Three guests only in your house.
  • Church services should have a max of 30 people but it's not a law. It's an issue because not each church has the same size plus we already have the experience the religious people spread each plague faster (the Medieval plague included). A church in Staphorst states it's people their responsibility. Besides the ventilation of the church is tested and good (zero chance) and it's proved face masks will not prevent getting ill.
    (they made the newspaper with it a few times). I wonder if it is that much work to have an extra service. It's not that a preacher has a full-time job but what I understand from the article they will make changes to avoid 600+ people during one service and sing less.
  • Facemasks at high schools, universities, etc. (an advice yet).
  • Outside you are only allowed to be with 4 people.
  • No shopping evening, exception supermarkets.
    (In two weeks the Government will decide what to do next. They like to keep the schools open. There will be no fund for those businesses who need to reduce their working hours, restaurants who have to close.)

Schools continue which means:
The population with the highest number of infections keep spreading it (school, teachers, at home, going out).
The young ones. Some can feel pity for them but I am not. A doctor said he felt pity for the teenagers who are blamed now (first the Chinese, next the Italians, the Austrians, and now the teenagers) because he had two sons (both 20+ years old, not teenagers but adults) and they had such a hard time. A hard time? Those "children" are the spoiled generation. One of partying, no responsibility, the generation that's never satisfied, didn't need to work at the age of 12 or 14. The generation of boredom, vandalizing, and getting drunk out of fun. It's the generation who hardly shows respect, blames the elderly, has no responsibility. Isn't it time for them to care for responsibility? Shouldn't they be responsible for their deeds? They keep spreading the virus while they go out and celebrate vacation abroad. They are too drunk to know where they are and what they do and in the meanwhile, the elderly have to spend the rest of their lives locked in?

By now you might have heard it's possible to have Covid-19 more than once.
This means the vaccines made months ago and those still worked at worldwide are useless. After that news, Johnson and Johnson (famous for their pesticides and baby products) decided to stop their development of the vaccine (for the time being?). The Dutch (and EU) government knows a vaccination means trouble. They already arranged that everyone getting ill because of the new vaccine will be compensated. Compensated?

The NFK (Dutch Federation for Cancer patients) wants special hospitals for people with corona. During the past decennial no money was invested in hospitals and the only way to help covid-19 patients is to stop helping every other patient. After the elderly, seriously ill people like cancer patients are no longer welcome in hospitals.

"A Dutch developer of corona medication sold to foreign investors" is another headline. It's about Sanquin and plasma, blood plasma. A part of the investment and development is sold but not the part that hopes to develop a cure against Covid-19. Let's say the headline is misleading just like most headlines.

Enough news for now. Let's see where we stand at the end of 2020. A pandemic is not only good to teach whole populations some lessons about hygiene (finally it's possible to disinfect or wash hands at school, we are hoping for toilet paper) and the benefits of ventilating are clear now as well but we get rid of the overpopulation too. A pandemic covers up all those mistakes the governments made (economical crises), we learn to do more with less (80% will be jobless soon which means no emigrants are needed to fill out jobs, robots don't get the flu and do not bully or get ill) and soon being social is a crime. Does this all surprise me? No, it does not I knew this would happen. March 2020 was just practicing in taking away the freedom, closing down many businesses. The people got angry, we're allowed to go outside during the summer to ventilate and now summer is over we are locked up again. It's good for the "environment" and the depressed ones, those unstable people will be removed next. As long as Christmas is still allowed we may celebrate it together and after Christmas, we are locked up again. Why? Not because of a virus, because they are so busy in hospitals, not because we care about the elderly but because no government wants a nation with an opinion of its own, enemies of the state.

If this virus is changing or not is no longer the issue. The facts are you can get Covid-19 more than once. This means medication, vaccination, it's all useless. If you can't survive it, can't keep yourself safe you get infected, and I'll. It's not different from other viruses. The more you catch the higher the risk you get ill.
Without any doubt, humankind will survive this pandemic like she always did for millions of years. No, I am not afraid it will happen to me. I have other issues to worry about. The fact they only keep certain covid-19 patients alive for example and the rest of us will never see a doctor again.

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The new rules/advices start today. Wednesday, October 14, 2020, at 10 p.m.

Can we live with it? Of course, we can. It's Autumn and Winter is coming up. We mainly live inside. We can shop and many shop online. Children still visit school and till the age of 13 has sport (you need to shower at home). Those who go bankrupt would have gone bankrupt anyway.

Shopping in the evening isn't necessary. We never had that. Shops closed at 6 p.m. and on Saturdays at 5 p.m. Closed on Sundays. If you think about it it will only be more relaxing and we go back to how it once was (online shopping is 24/7). Not the restrictions are the problem here but the fact we do not care about a pandemic because we live now and not much is needed for that bit of bad luck.

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