They can make you and break you. I have been on national tv (my shelter was in the picture). To be honest I do no longer read newspapers at home and no longer pay to hear the news. We no longer watch tv. My children are already brainwashed enough by school, teachers who try to raise my children the opposite of what I do. I want my children to use their brains, think, search for the truth and not believe everything said, no matter who's the messenger.

As years passed by I noticed news is hardly news. The headlines shout out something and if you read the article it's filled with mights, possibly, "can be" and you read the opposite of what that headline shouts at you. Painful is most people do no longer read articles or the first lines only. Many suffer from the worst kind of tunnel vision.
Many news is old and it's all the same. Reuters spreads the word and that's what is printed in the paper. Frequently a bad translation and if you read the original article totally different.

Local media.
The media in my country? It's the same corrupt media as elsewhere. Facebook, Twitter, etc remove your messages if it doesn't fit in today's Cabal view. There's no way you can say what's on your mind or share a different view.
A good example is articles and videos on youtube posted by specialists who have strong doubts about the coronavirus regime and the treatments. Within a short time, it's all removed.

It's not different from all immigrants. Introduced by the media as refugees, children. Rapists and killers, terrorists are called "confused" people. Now, after years suddenly some papers admit the government knew what those "refugees" were for real. Should we be happy with a corrupt paper if it writes about the truth after years? I think papers like these should no longer exist. The same if it comes to other media. If you only publish what you like to hear media isn't needed.

More local news.
Some papers have a page for news in their province. It's the same if it comes to radio stations and television. A free newspaper is spread in the town or village where you live. It's mainly advertising and what goes on in the place where you live. The townhall has a page too where they share info about meetings, the license they gave to build a house, renovate, or the town meetings you can join for example.
Perhaps it is the best paper there is. The news is less colored although letters sent by readers probably are only printed too if it fits the paper's policy.

One thing is sure. Journalism, writing skills, are no longer asked if you want a job at a newspaper or other media. Neither is being objectivity. It's kind of disappointing.

At the moment "Cultuur onder Vuur" (Culture at the fire) is collecting 20K euro to advertise in papers.
Guess what? Three newspapers refused to accept their advertisement. This says enough about the policy and hypocrisy of these papers (NRC, AD, and the Telegraaf) who call themself an objective paper. But... what else can one expect from newspapers who felt no shame to work for the enemy during wars? From shouting headlines only gossip magazines used 20 years ago? From reporters who surf the internet and bring you three-year-old news and can hardly write?

A story written by Martien in our local paper. It's about peeing in the wild. Which is forbidden where I live. May 8, 2018

This is my entry to @steemitblog's challenge My local media. Feel free to join this chance to share how your local media is.

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