NaNoWriMo 4 - the Eldest

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Here we go again.

Your mobile car-writer is back, it is about time.
Let me start by telling you the world is doing fine.
You thought the Big Bang ended it once?
Let me inform you some survived
they are there, alive and wait for the chance
to start a new life again.
Meet the eldest and earth's, last man.
Since this is the only story about the beginning and the end.

each end can be meant,
to start all over again.
That is what he does.
The one I am going to tell you about.
He is the exception, earth's last man.

At times life goes as expected or foretold,
we need to accept that, no matter if we're young or old.
It is the circle of life, natural, the way it should be.
It happens to the living, no exceptions, yes, it does to you and me.

This tale happened ages ago, which is a very long time,
but the good news is earth’s last man does fine.

No garden of Eden provides in his needs, he's still present and even guarantees,
that those who once started the circle of life and were respected and so much more
are alive and for sure
worth living and fighting for.

Now let me start,
and finish this before my memory falls apart
and there is nothing left from our history
as a black hole as "Once upon a time" and "Misery".

The eldest

A new day, new chances. You cannot always win but at least you can give it a try. Why care about what others say or think? Seldom criticism is given by someone who does or did exactly the same thing as you under precisely the same circumstances.

They all always said the same phrases over and over again.
He remembered them well but never understood why they kept repeating them. Was it to cheer him up or an easy way to make him shut up?
"It is a piece of cake, there is no need to be the best, it is all about the fun, forget about the rest."
In the meanwhile, they were eager to win. No matter if it was a contest, challenge or test. Playing dirty games was a part of it and with doing so they proved the opposite. Who were they fooling?

Forgetting about the rest was exactly what he had done.
Sooner or later everything comes at an end. Looking back "forget about the rest" turned out to be the only great tip given to him ever. It is what he had done. He forgot about the rest, all of them. It turned out to be a piece of cake to reach out to someone, give the helping hand, the way to pushing them over the edge. Without any doubt, it was the best thing he had done in his life for himself.

"It was the best I have done so far," he corrected himself. "The best thing not happened yet but it will soon enough."

"Forget about the rest", it started with advice, became his slogan and by now it was not needed anymore. He forgot about the rest. Mainly because "the rest" did no longer exist. They were extinct. All of them on the same day.

This not meant his story came to an end.
He worked very hard to achieve that. He smirked and was proud he turned out to be the most superior. It was undeniable also because he was the only one left. The earth was his, the country was and so would be the world. It was up to him to give it a new destination.

All the advice and warnings fell on deaf ears. What was the use of ears if they were not used or the hearing was selective?
All problems in the world were solved from the moment the Big Bang predicted came over all of them. He survived. Still, he didn't know why or how but he did. It was clear he was trusted enough to be the one. The king and father of all.
A sudden it became quiet.

"No other humans. Finally. It meant the end of lost hope, false expectations, disappointment, pain and tears, the endless fights no one knew why they are fought and the humiliations. No death and no illnesses, no waste," he mumbled.

It was good to know it all ended.
He enjoyed being the last one of his kind. The room, the silence, and peace. He took a deep breath as he watched over the country. He knew every rock and cave by the head and caressed them with his eyes. This was his world, home, the place he had to be from the moment on which he was born.

How long ago it had been she told him about the first living beings on earth, those born out of it?
Epochs passed by until the creatures were named by humans. Stones they called them. Stones or rocks. They were the spirits who observed everything, knew how the world changed and the ones too who gathered all wisdom. He learned he could rely on them. They never told an untruth or left without purpose. They were extremely strong, hard-headed and steadfast. It was a species that not gave up quickly and understood how to survive.

"Never neglect a stone no matter its size", the old woman who took care of him always said. "Be careful with what you say or think, watch your steps boy, they know everything and remember everything. They remember you too."

It was a habit of her to stroke the huge stones in her garden each time she passed by and the time came he concluded she was right. He had examined all kinds of stones and the huge figures in the garden for hours a day. He watched them coming alive. Not only on dark nights but at dawn and around 3 pm too. He saw it how they gathered together, heard their warm and soft voices whispering in a mysterious tongue. As he asked the old lady about it she explained they spoke in their own language.

"No worries. You will understand what they talk about if the message is meant for you." She smiled at the boy and was happy he showed so much interest in what she always called "the eldest". Protection was needed and the boy? He should not end up alone in this world once I leave. She walked back to the house where the cat, ferret, and raven waited for their daily pet.

"Take care of him till he found his way, please," she pleaded. The huge animal did not respond. It kept her eyes closed but purred as it was gently stroked. Once the time was there it was early enough to worry and to take care.

Long after she had left the boy sat in between the circle of stones.
Watching them, listening to the voices and waiting for their message. He was sure they would speak to him it was just a matter of time. He had plenty of time. All he needed to learn was taught by the old woman and life itself.

Except for those familiar with the tales and belonged to the same clan, no one believed the young man as he told the stones finally spoke to him.

"They spoke to me. I understood each word they said. I am the chosen one. The person who will keep them safe till eternity."

He felt overjoyed.
The minority laughed at his face. Who or what made him think he was the savior, chosen above all?

"They are just rocks, useful for building houses or fences. They have no soul, no feelings, no voice. You can forget about those spirits. They will not enlighten you."

He shrugged his shoulders and went on. The eldest had spoken and there was no room for doubt. He went on and did as the voices told him. They shared their wisdom with them and were his best friend. He always had been eager to learn and was a fast student. There was no reason to tell him anything twice. Once in awhile the raven or wolf watched him as he sat with his stones and shared his plans with them. The raven always sat on a branch and the wolf kept an eye on him from a large distance. His ears were fine and he spoke more languages as anyone knew. He heard the boy but also understood each word of what the rocks told him.

As he looked at the huge moon in front of him it suddenly reminded him at Wolf. He had not thought of him since the moment he left. Wolf, he was the one watching the moon at night and incredibly fond of the pond.

How much time had passed since that time? Unexpectedly he felt interested in what happened to Raven, Cat, and Ferret. They probably died long before the Big Bang. They had been close to the old woman he had called mommy. All were adults at the time of his birth.
Life had been good but everything changed after she left at least no Big Bang hurt her. To him, it was easier to leave as taking care of what she had given to him. At the moment he walked out no one noticed it. He passed over the hill and disappeared. They did call him or come after him. It was his decision to change his home and small world for the whole world.

In the existing world sun and moon were the two factors he relied on.
A rooster wasn't needed to wake him up.
Here the sun and moon both shone. The sun posed opposite the moon, small and reddish. The moon was a giant and bright. Its size was twice as big as the sun. Both gave him an idea about time. Not that he cared about it. There was plenty of it and no person in the world ever disturbed or stopped him.
The rocks waited till he brought life back. To them, time was no issue either.

"No worries I heard you and work on it, soon the world is yours again".
He felt the excitement as he spoke. This time he would be there to watch how it all started. New life.

"No one hurts you, you stay in one piece. Houses, walls, bricks are not needed in your world."

He smiled at the rock next to him and caressed it with his hand. It felt warm and alive.

"Thank you for being such a good friend. You can rest against me if you like."

He nodded.
The sleep came over him as he leaned back against the rock. It felt warm and comfortable. He had always liked this one. It sparkled as the moon was at "Hard as stone," he thought, "who says rocks are hard?"
The surface felt soft to him and this dream, he saw them all come alive. He felt extremely proud, his heart grew as he saw them lined up. "All fine boys and with a skin as soft as this stone," he mumbled with a huge smile on his face.
In his sleep, he embraced his friend.

“You rock, all of you do. Thank you for asking me for helping you all out. It is an honor and you gave me more as I hoped for. Can you see them? Soon it is their rising day. I promise you it will work out fine. The world will be a better place and for you my dear eldest it will be a way to move on.”

The spirit whispered in his ear, spoke to him in the language that became his. There was no need to express himself by the one he was raised with once, a long, long time ago. No one from the old days was left. Words were no longer needed. Once connected thought was enough.
"Tongues are pointless", we're his last words before he fell into a deep sleep.

2023 words

I wrote more, much more...

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