NaNoWriMo started.

4 am
Yes, I managed to wake up and it is always good to do it without pain and with some time for me. I like to live my life in my own rhythm not being pushed and forced.

There is a strong wind outside the youngest has to get out of bed now. No way it can get at school safely. The bus-kid starts the car, I make an extra pot of tea to take with us on the way and we leave. The wind is a warm one which is good, could be good for the laundry for example if it wouldn't start to rain.

I woke up quite happy and yes I fell asleep a happier too. Although I cannot push myself in editing my #MarchMadness book I will join NaNoWriMo! I really feel happy about that and I already wrote 1021 words before I fell asleep. I will do it differently this time. I will not post everything here. I still don't know how and if Steemit changed the "ownership issue". @paulag started already, wrote two days, which means I am ahead of her. I loved reading both days and now I join too.
Fifty thousand words mean two thousand words a day! That cannot be so hard for a Steemian using a desktop and who can type with ten fingers blind. I can by the way but I do not have a desktop nor laptop. I am a mobile user only and what I will use is one single finger to type. No not a thumb or even two but one finger.

I signed up at the NaNoWriMo site but didn't know what to do next.
Do I need a buddy? I don't think so although it would be fun to have one. We could give our 50,000 words a bit extra by responding to each other's books in our book (well it isn't a book yet but we can pretend it is. Publishing won't be easy if you are a foreigner and want to do so by or do they only discriminate Dutch customers and make their life a hell?).

Long story short Who likes to join?
You can write about what you like. A story, your memoirs, a tale or bundle with short stories, who knows you write the next bestseller diary. Wouldnt that be great?

I know many of you are short in time but you could (easily) write it through the day. Just type down your thoughts, short stories, and anecdotes. You can use your entries to the freewrites and other contests. I think our fisherman @myjob could be a writer too. A book about plants, cooking, baking, surviving and @olivia08 writes great posts. They might not count 2000 words but imagine if his poems, freewrites, entries to other writing contests are bundled what an amazing biography that would be.
So many here have potential. Why not use it?

This month (year) @freewritehouse. Do not let 50,000 words stop you. If your book counts 25,000 words or 15,000 it is a book too. Keep in mind the writing is just for one month! You can write 2,000 words or 5,000 a day and take a day off but writing daily is the best way to stay focussed and motivated.

Tag me if you join and you can count on my support and who knows I have a nice surprise for you too.

By now it is *6:36 an" and I sit in my car killing time with the youngest. The bus-kid already left and we took tea with us. This is a nice way to be productive and write. Still, onehour'sr time to kill left. Let's see how many words I typed in 40 minutes time...

835 words it is and this is including rereading and correcting some words I mistyped plus I needed google translate to figure out how to write one word.

I thought about writing a follow up of the story I wrote before but to be honest I do not know where to start it. I wrote 1021 words of it and think I need to start at an earlier time. So what I am going to do is think out a bit first before I write it. Perhaps I will use a part of it or what I wrote shows up later. Later today or tomorrow. I hope to read more NaNoWriMo entries soon.

Only 1050 words so far and it is already 2:21 in twenty minutes I have to get back in the car, slip-sliding off the land road. My gas bottle is empty so I need a new one. Still had a full one but it is better to have one extra in case of need. The need, in this case, is the heater. It works on gas too and might be the reason why I collapsed lately too. To be honest, I don't think so. Me not feeling well from one moment to another without a warning is caused by... (If I knew the problem could be solved, I guess it is a combination of being exhausted since the day I am born, a lack of sleep since the same day and the fact I am dehydrated.)

I should call the doctor to make an appointment but like I said it is not possible to drive to the hospital if I don't feel well. It is at least a 45 minute drive. The doctor also said I had to be there at 8 am. I can never make it if my youngest needs to be at school at 7:45 and the school will not be open earlier. Only thinking about how to arrange this already made me nervous so I decided it is better not to call today.

I figured out I need to write about 134 lines in my notes to have 1000 words. I give it a try with my "Once upon a time" or another tale. Tales. No matter what kind, I like tales most of all stories. With or without history and the best are the ones that pull you right into it, a different place and time. Writing is not as easy as they say. It is way easier to comment (something no one does here so you are safe and can write whatever you like. Join, join, join!)

My daughter just sent me some photos of her cat Rohni sitting on her shoulder. I am happy I don't need to drag one of my wolves this way. The eldest would bite me, he always snaps at me if he is happy, his way of showing love. The others know it is not appreciated (not true the youngest still does it too) and he does not care. For some reason, he is always extremely happy.

Back to the "Once upon a time".
By now it is 5:18 pm and I did not really come to writing. Even if the kids make homework they keep talking, asking me. I have had those days of making homework plus I have 40% of the time no idea what they are talking about. How come kids always think you did every school, every education and have all answers? It is a fact I always went to school, mainly because it was a hundred times better as at home (better not ask what kind of schools and teachers I had. Would they still be alive? Still are that mean and discriminating, beating up children?).
They probably say it never happened or they cannot remember they did. That is what all bullies say "You made it up", " I cannot remember it".

A "good" one I once heard.
A bully said to her victim (still suffering from it 20 years later!) after denying it for 20 minutes (it was on a Dutch tv-show named "the Reunion" or perhaps "bullies" all those programs are the same.): "You might be happy and feel better to hear my daughter is bullied too."

Why should a victim be happy if a kid is bullied? That woman plus her two close friend (bullies too) made a fine trio. What a stupid cows I still see them sit there. A lower specie as these three cannot exist.
Even as the teacher said he remembered their nasty behavior very well it did not impress them.


2738 words

I wrote more, much more...

NaNoWriMo - All Dutch (history)

NaNoWriMo - Saints

Day one of NaNoWriMo

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Well done! We have a couple of people in our house who are doing the NaNoWriMo thing, this year... even though not a "novel" for either, but a non-fiction book. But it seems that the folks at NaNoWriMo have relaxed their requirements quite a bit and now allow all sorts of projects. I think the key here is just to do something creative for 30 days in a row, to get into the habit.


04.11.2019 19:23

The novel I wrote during the #MarchMadness with @freewritehouse. Last year @freewritehouse who started writing. We do not go for the novel but the fun in the first place and for it is start writing again.

I love to write but hardly come to it. I started with a story, who knows I will share parts here too. Not all of it as long I am not sure about my ownership here plus I have doubts about publishing everything. Since I post with @partiko there is a max of words if it comes to posting too. Forgot the amount but I know it was a struggle last March.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. If my connection is a bit stronger I will visit the other writers too.

I wish you a great day. 馃挄

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[@alucian] On Steemit ( i use just Steemit) i can wrote 5 Tags. But for me it is enough. :-) We solve this bug. CU

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Thank you. I need some more. Some tags help me to find my own posts back. For example my own name, or the ones I want my children to read. If you use more as one tribe to post on plus for contests or challenges one or two tags are asked you have a short. 馃挄

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P.s. On Steemit you can use 8 tags. They changed that.

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Amiga, gracias por la invitaci贸n, pero tengo muchos contratiempos. No me gusta quedar mal. Ojal谩 pueda superar tantos obst谩culos. Desde ayer estoy intentando escribir una publicaci贸n y, no la termino. Por una u otra causa. Creo que hoy tampoco podr茅 terminar una. Se fue la luz por muchas horas y, todo se amonton贸. Tengo paciencia, pero me faltan horas del d铆a. Un abrazo.

04.11.2019 22:30

Lamento mucho escuchar eso? Si no protege sus art铆culos en su computadora, puede hacer una gran publicaci贸n y publicarla como una actualizaci贸n. Tres fotos con algo de texto tambi茅n es una publicaci贸n y no es necesario escribir 200 palabras. O traduzca algo Inwrote, agregue algunos comentarios suyos y tendr谩 una publicaci贸n. Tambi茅n puedes unirte al concurso del mi茅rcoles con tu entrada para mirar hacia atr谩s / mirar hacia adelante. Est谩 permitido. Abrazos. 馃挄

04.11.2019 22:36

Gracias amiga, gracias por tus sugerencias. Son buenas. Un abrazo.

04.11.2019 22:59

@gertu ne nada. 馃挄@gertuPosted with

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Thank you for the upvote. 馃憤

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The k you @council. 馃憤

05.11.2019 09:54

Wow!! Look at you!! that was a lot of typing on the phone!! How much does a laptop cost in your part of the world?

05.11.2019 05:20

I have no idea about the prizes. I think it will be between 500-800 euro or so? Might depend on the extra's or whatever they give with it these days. Nearly finished the next one. It will be my freewrite too. Thanks for stopping by. 馃挄

05.11.2019 09:11

Oh, and I forgot. check out the freewritehouse post and make sure you drop the link to this there.

05.11.2019 05:21

Okay thanks I will (have a look too.). 馃挄

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Thank you very much. 馃憤馃榿

05.11.2019 17:55

It's interesting to know about the NaNoWriMo project.
I am not a good writter but u can give a try 馃槉

Posted using Partiko Android

06.11.2019 06:31

You can give it a try too. Just write what pops up in your head. I just finished day 5. Hope to write another one I started later.

08.11.2019 08:38

Hello there! Long-time no see...

I like to give a try to that #nanowrimo 馃構

06.11.2019 12:51

Do it. Just write. There is no need to write a novel. At the end of the month you can see what your next step is. There are books of 3000/and 12000 words too. Do not forget to leave the link of your post at @freewritehouse! Happy writing and good to see you again. 馃挄

08.11.2019 08:40

You go woman! Can't believe you are doing this again. It seems like march madness was just yesterday. Good luck!

11.11.2019 16:41

@owasco I have the same feeling now #MarchMadness was just yesterday. I still need to edit the last 8 days of it and find help to read, etc.

Never thought I would do it again. It is not hard to write but hard to write and finish the story. It would be easier to write like @mariannewedt does it helps me think which way the story can go (too). Happy Tuesday. 鉂わ笍Posted with

12.11.2019 04:21