NaNoWriMo 8 - The voice is back

NaNoWriMo 2019. I join because I like to write. After #MarchMadness 2019 I thought I would never do it again. Writing 50,000 words on a mobile phone is not easy but possible. This time "the rambling goes on", or like @mariannewest - 2590 words

NaNoWriMo 6 - King John - 1523 words

NaNoWriMo 5 - All Dutch (history) - 2023 words

NaNoWriMo 3 - Saints - 2026 words

NaNoWriMo starts
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@commentcoin Thank you for the update although the amount of Commentcoin is still confusing. @alucian can you enlighten me please. Happy Wednesday to all #cc users. ❤️Posted with

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11.11.2019 20:01

@artturtle thank you again for stopping by. I am happy with it. Great Wednesday. ❤️Posted with

13.11.2019 06:22

Leyendo tus escritos, Yo, nunca podré escribir tanto. Tienes alma de escritora. Es mucho para mi entendimiento.
También tu te das cuenta, que los que comentan son pocos. Y no devuelven comentarios, muchos. Creo que la responsabilidad es de todos. Pongamos nuestro grano y motivemos a los demás. Yo también publico para hacer dinero, para que me ayude a vivir, pero me gusta comentar y recibir respuesta.
Un abrazo amiga.

12.11.2019 00:22

@gertu Puede ser que tenga alma de escritor. Deberíamos tratar de encontrar 2-4 Steemians en una región superior como nosotros. Comenta y espera ser descubierto. Feliz sabado.Posted with

16.11.2019 06:54

Gracias, un abrazo.

16.11.2019 12:46

I read every word and I find Warpath very interesting in the story. You made me stop and think about what if someone could really read my mind and speak to me that way? I'm not sure how much I would like that, to be honest. The fact that you can do all of this writing on a phone is actually encouraging to me since I use the phone to write as well. But I wouldn't even think on taking the task of 50,000 words. The fact that you did it once is amazing in itself. I can't help but think that all of that writing is building a ground floor for something more for you. You are a very determined writer and I send you some positive thoughts and wishes.

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12.11.2019 01:43

@wandrnrose7 Thank you so much for your positive thoughts and encouraging words. It is good to hear you are a mobile user only too. I know some more and they all write more as just those few lines they say it's typical for mobile users.

If it comes to the 50k words. I started later and figured out I need to write 2000 a day. 2000 I can handle. Yesterday I did in less as 2 hours. Today it took me way longer.

In my #MarchMadness story all beings only used thought to communicate. All of them have other gifts too to survive.There is one exception the boy Alain. He needs words to express himself. The others are aware of that and give him his privacy.

In this tale words are lost too after the world ended. There is one man who learned to understand and speak the language of the first living on earth, those who collected all wisdom through the centuries. To help them he created the giants.Posted with

13.11.2019 19:44

@steemitboard thank you once again for the update. Enjoy your day. ❤️Posted with

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@trufflepig Thank you so much, although I have no idea if it is of any help. @trufflepig You like to read?❤️Posted with

14.11.2019 11:31