NaNoWriMo 27 - Left behind.

I still work on my tale.

For me, NaNoWriMo (the National Novel Writing Month) goes on and I am not the only one. More (free)writers keep writing. Some for minutes, others write 30 minutes or 500 words. If I ever publish my only option is via the Netherlands. This means I need to translate everything I wrote. Who knows I will be stupid enough to do that. A completely different book might come out of it.

The main characters are:

  • A human, the last man on earth. He had quite a life and... created a new life.
  • The firstborn. They are giants, friendly and peaceful.
  • A ghost. No longer human, once a tyrant. He needs a body and intends to create a new life.
  • The first living. Mother Earth herself gave life to them They gather all wisdom.

What happened?

The last man on earth left with his firstborns and some of the first living to an underground world full of water. They end in an ocean. To escape from the fire they made the ship sunk.

The ghost invests a lot of time in the newborns who are left behind. As soon as each of them opened its eyes it is time to leave.

Was it a dream?

Did the inventor suffer from nightmares, visions or was he losing his mind from the moment on he fell into the ravine? It is hard to tell. The ghost told him several times he was a fruitcake, idiot, fool, a nutty professor.
The inventor had a past. Although it was long ago it was what had made him into the person he was now.
He heard voices. At times they were advising or angry. He thought he heard Cat and even spoke to his mother.

The creator waited for the giant to come back for him. Help him off the island. As nothing happened he started walking in circles it always helped him think. Discovering the island was not such a bad idea. It is pointless to pace on the same spot if you have room, an island for yourself.
He kept the sea at his right and walked along the shore. He felt fine. His mind was set at the peace and the only sound he heard was what the sea brought him.
The island was, as far as he could look, flat a place with sand only. No trees or caves or a place to hide. The temperature was the same as in his world and he felt comfortable.

"The boys could live here easily as long as they stay out of the water", he thought. "They might like it here just like the first living."

He smiled at the idea. It wouldn't be bad to stay here. No ghost, no misery, no need for something better and it was a different world. He kept walking, looked at the sea, its crystal clear water and forgot about his worries, his sons and... his promise to the first living.

The ghost and his sons rebuilt the city.

Finally, its dream, the goals set came true.
At first, a safe place for the boys was built. It was close to where its residence arose. There is not more I can tell you about it because it is a secret place.

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