NaNoWriMo 10 - Great catch.

This is my 10th #nanowrimo day.
I wrote 2267 words.
All parts I wrote will end up in one long tale that might surprise me as much as you. I have no idea where the words hide before I start writing. There is no plan or storyline I use to make it easier for me. None of the characters I write about are familiar but they exist. I did not think them out first. They evaluate during writing.

To your knowledge: I am not in a certain period in my life, I am not trying to survive a crisis, not drunk either or depressed. I am one of these writers who write everywhere. The car, bed, while baking French fries and if there is no room even the toilet.

Some stories I write without a break, others, like these, in-between washing dishes, picking up kids, cuddling wolves and wiping floors. I do not have the luxury of a desktop or laptop, so I can no longer speed up and multitask by typing with ten fingers and watching tv in the meanwhile. One single finger does all the work.

50,000 words I need at the end of this month. By now I wrote 22.218. I will not bore you or share all of them with you. Only the part where I used the two prompts given by @mariannewest for the daily prompt.

NaNoWriMo means

50,000 words writing in November 2019.
See @freewritehouse - 2455 words

NaNoWriMo 8 - The voice is back - 2590 words

NaNoWriMo 6 - King John - 1523

NaNoWriMo 5 - All Dutch (history) - 2023 words

NaNoWriMo 3 - Saints - 2026 words

NaNoWriMo starts
the latest update <<< please click to read.

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13.11.2019 17:13

Your giant reminded me of Popeye eating spinach, LOL

14.11.2019 01:28

@felixgarciap These giants are different. Popey was not as kind and violent. They will never fight, never envy, be aggressive. They were made for a certain purpose and the question is ifthey can think and act by themselves.

Thank you for commenting it helos me think about how to continue. Happy Saturday. 💕 Posted with

16.11.2019 07:44

I need to catch up on all of your stories, this one too!

14.11.2019 02:08

@wwwiebe That might be hard and take months plus the biggest part of the story I will not publish here. Perhaps it helps if you start with #marchmadness first. Happy reading and thanks fir commenting. ❤️Posted with

16.11.2019 07:45

You have my full admiration that you can write so much on your phone.

14.11.2019 04:40

@mariannewest I doubt if it is different from writing on a laptop or desktop. By now I am used to it and a plus is I can write everywhere through the day. Although I think It takes more time to do it that way. Happy writing and Saturday. 💕Posted with

16.11.2019 07:50


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14.11.2019 08:29

@guurry123 I know what that thumb means. You didnit read it but thanks for stopping by (small tip if it comes to nanowrimo the story is found in most cases underneath the photo). I wish you a great Saturday. 💕Posted with

16.11.2019 07:54

@wonderwop I don't believe the homemade waffles fit in. I will not make them either. Today it is Sint Nicholaas arriving day. Buttercake, cookies, hot chocolate with cream 😁 Happy Saturday and thanks for the delivery.Posted with

16.11.2019 08:14