My Wednesday walk..

I had my Wednesday walk and a Thursday walk too.

This time it was in the opposite direction to avoid all the shit from the sheep. The bus-kid came along and so did Xiâo-Aine.

She does not care about shit it smells good and at times it tastes great too.
Bah! is the language she ignores.

Here we go.
No muddy road.

Yes, the sun shines.
The temp at day is between 22-25°C, but the days are shorter.

There are all kinds of mushrooms and...

The grass is green.
So is mine and it needs to be mowed badly.

The pigeons leave as soon as we pass by.
The brutal one stays. We call it Hektor.

The country here is flat.
The only trees you find here are planted and those planted trees should be cut down after 15 years plus the owner needs to replant new.
Those trees are planted very close to each other. (The more trees planted the more money the owner received from the state).

The little cat says hello.
It is the one that answers you if you talk to it. It is friendly but someone did not like it.

Here it is the jealous lady.
Pity for her I like other animals too.

This once was a pond.
All the water is gone. I only see old trees, a part is mine once stolen by the owners of this house. Someone with a tractor gave them a hand...

It is a habit for some people to steal your trees for firewood.

The house fell down. No one lives here any longer.

Among the road is a small apple tree.
No one picked the apples. A few are left.

I once picked them and tried to make applesauce out of it.
It is a very hard apple and you need to cook it for a long time. It was no success.

Nature provides you in all the art you need.
Another still life.

I wonder why there is just one apple tree after all these years.

Shawn the sheep was on it's way too.
This one clearly does not care about the cattle.

The wolf shows less interest in it.

Thanks for joining me on my #wednesdaywalk an idea of @tattoodjay.
You can join too and share your walk with the community.

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19.10.2019 11:52

So I am not allowed to give a tip(u) to another account? Well that means there is no way for me to reward people if my VP is low.
Thanks for letting me know you see @tipu as a bid-bot. I assume you do the same with all posts where the tipu-curators came by.

I will share this info. Might be your vote it not interesting enough to stop rewarding people with a tip!

I wish you a great Sunday and no worry I do not worry and to be honest I do not care about newsteem and its downvotes. 👍🏻💕

20.10.2019 11:41

Your assumptions are wrong. This comment doesn't trigger when you fill up your balance and use tipu for tipping, or when tipu curators upvoted.
This transaction is buying a vote though. While it wouldn't matter for who it is, you actually did buy it for yourself.

If you don't care you can just ignore the messages, there's no problem with that.

20.10.2019 14:30

Since sept. 22 I try to figure out how sending a tip works. I asked people who I saw doing it and no one respinded and only one person said he could not explain it since he was low on the ladder himself (whatever that may mean). I followed several @tipu links also on given and could not figure it out.
Whole parts were under construction and I only found one that said you can send a tip. It did not say by a bid!.

I tried it out indeed on another account of mine and noticed not even 50% was sent. Again I asked how this could be, what happened and again no respond came.
The automatic respond said: you sent/received a tip.

So again I am asking you: how to send a tip. With @tipu or something else.
You can send me a link but I cannot load it my connection is too slow.

Might be my assumptions are wrong but you can find my struggle and questions and try out back in my diaries and I am not wrong if it comes to the fact that literally everulyone is not willing to answer a simple question. Just write down which steps to take to tip someone or reward in another way.

It is disappointing for sure never receiving a clear answer, to try out everything myself to see what happens and again not receiving an answer to my questions.

By now I wrote over 27 tips to help people, not myself, not to harm others and I can only say this general behaviour sucks.

Thank you for taking the time to respond although it was not helpfull. I wish you a great Sunday. 💕

20.10.2019 16:44

I don't know, I don't use that service. I assume when they say tip sent that the tip was sent. Of course they take a fee for that, they want to earn something.

If you want to send someone a tip, the easiest way is to go to your wallet and transfer it directly to the user. No middle men needed, that's the beauty of the blockchain...

20.10.2019 16:55

Thank you. I think that is a better way. By now I tried to give more in the way of bonuses for those who joined my contests but I still have a VP problem.

I do not know how to read memo's myself but I think itvis better to send something + memo to the ones who's posts I like. I assume this way they also do not loose 50% to...

Again thanks for answering. Have a !BEER and a great Sunday. Who knows @tipu will ever answer all the questions I left. 👍🏻💕

20.10.2019 17:05

You're welcome!

20.10.2019 17:12

Okay, thanks for the tip. I will try to see the memo's. Thought it needed something extra to see them.

I wish you a great day. ❤️Posted with

23.10.2019 08:19

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20.10.2019 17:05

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19.10.2019 12:01

Thank you again for the upvote. I appreciate it. 👍❤️Posted with

23.10.2019 07:45

What a cool variety of shots on your walk, I would be quite happy with 22C it was about 2 C for me this morning on my walk :)

Thanks for joining Wednesday walk :)

19.10.2019 17:26

The weather is fine. I am happy with that temp too although the house, inside, is very cold. I hope it will not get colder. The firewood causes allergies and now the sun outside causes them too again. After all these years I have to sit in the dark again. 🙁

20.10.2019 11:23

Ohh no allergies can be such a painI hope things get better for you Posted with

20.10.2019 22:45

I hoped that too but gave up on it. I have more auto immune diseases as I ever thought would exist. I guess this is it and already since years a count down.

Happy day and thanks for responding. ❤️Posted with

23.10.2019 08:38

Those are such a pain my with also has an autoimmune disease and makes her so susceptible to things
Sending positive thoughts and energy your way Posted with

23.10.2019 09:24

@tattoodjay I am sorry to hear that. I wonder why most auto immune diseases are with women and seldom come alone. That must be a DNA a hormonal thing. Thanks for the positive vibes. For you too. 💕Posted with

24.10.2019 10:21

I think your right and its so hard for my wife she has to be so careful and limited with her diet Posted with

24.10.2019 11:42

@tattoodjay Many things I already never ate but to be honest the food never triggered itt.

My father (doctor) tried and experimented a lot on and with me. Food but also medication and keeping my hormone level in balance/same level nothaving my period. Nothing helped or triggered if focused on one expect. I guess the problem is you never feel the same,your condition never is. Being overjoyed, feeling happy can trigger it just like feeling miserable orhaving a bad night rest. Plus you are always out of energy. Living with it, find a way,the daily struggle and feelings of guilt eats you too.
What I do not understand is that the reason cannot be found. Perhaps it is the Western life style,the pushing, the hurry. Not being allowed nothing.
I wish you both a good day. ❤️Posted with

25.10.2019 05:01

I think your right about the Western Lifestyle and things have changed, there are so many different variants of them these days and I really thing its part of how lifestyle has changed and all the medications they give people these days, just seeing the adds on TV and all the side effects they list for medications is crazyPosted with

25.10.2019 09:37

@tattoodjay There was a time I took over 12 different kinds. No one cares. They simply give the next 360 pills. I smelled like a pharmacy. But this is not the only part of meds you get. It is in the drinking water, milk, meat, chicken, etc the vegetables and fruit. All given to prevent and even if it is less it is in the ground.
It is hard to find something to eat that does not make sick. We see the same with our pets.
At times I stop eating, especially if I feel sick as a dog (or worse). I feel it is better and I heal faster but still need meds at times to stop my immunesystem from running. I find it strange there is no cure for it since so many suffer from it.

The diseases change through the years and rather fast. Viruses do the same, perhaps prions too.

Happy Saturday. ❤️Posted with

26.10.2019 08:15

yes thats all so true and I am so sorry you have to be deraling with all of this :(Posted with

26.10.2019 09:51

@tattoodjay Looking back it is what my life always has been. Each day you try to be happy with less. Perhaps I am lucky I am not a social kind of person, no partner and my children are used the me. No need to feel guilty or please someone. It is only at times frustrating.

I wish you both strength and good moments together. ❤️Posted with

29.10.2019 14:52

I wish you the same :) Posted with

29.10.2019 15:06

Hello @wakeupkitty, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

22.10.2019 19:52

That is very kind of you. Thank you for stopping by and up voting. 🙂👍❤️Posted with

23.10.2019 11:46