My Steemit memories

It feels ages ago I joined Steemit.

It feels ages ago I gave it a second try and struggled on to figure out how or what. I had no help, those who invited me left. I didn't know anything about cryptocurrencies and had no clue what people were talking about. I mainly wrote, posted and read. I slowly learned and I am still learning. I never made the big money thanks to self voting, bots, delegations or curation.

I met unfriendly, hostile people here the more I engaged but some great too.
The main reason why I struggled on is that it is one of the few sites I can visit thanks to an app. At first, it was Steepshot, next Partiko. I'm still using Partiko and am grateful to the one who developed this app.

I killed many hours home in bed and in hospital, writing and engaging with the help of my mobile phone.
At a certain point, I left sites because I was no longer able to load them or they were no longer build for mobile phone users. I still feel sad about it mainly because it was more comfortable for me to be there. There was engagement and people liked my stories but without a strong connection and computer, you are not able to join many sites.


It's 2020, March 20 but most sites are not ready for mobile phone users and hard to sign in or you can only load 80% of it.

My options are limited and I like it here.
What I like to know too is how this platform will develop. In the past 1.5 years many left, unsatisfied with the management, many changes, and greed of this platform. It's no place for writers and "good" content is never supported. Still, I believe it can grow into something good. Something a certain group of people like.

"You need to be flexible" is what they told me after each change, each HF, but if it comes to it "they" are the first ones who left.

As long as I can write and am able to post I continue. I might show up here or you see me on a different platform. It's not said it's Steemit or Hive. There is more and it's also not said it's the blockchain only. I learned many users, those who complain most about censorship are still using Facebook, Twitter, etc on a daily base and not only to promote Steemit. They go for the engagement somewhere else.

This platform might change or even stop.
It's not different from other platforms, sites, dapps or apps.
It's not said a new platform will make it, if not it's not the end of the world.
I learned here stat Steemit is not what it claimed to be, I know freedom doesn't exist, neither does freedom of speech and there's always someone in charge. I refuse to kiss someone's ass and do not take every word for true. I know there are people who really hate me but I can live with that as long as they do not live on my budget.

Many complained about Steemit in the past years.
Hostile responses were addressed to certain people but all those people stayed.
I wonder why and why they didn't leave earlier like many did. I guess Steemit brought way more positivity as they dare to admit, will ever admit.
I learned a lot here and am sure I still can. Who knows I will start investing a bit more if my connection allows me to.
Writing is what I do and Steemit is a part of it. I met great people and will try to stay in touch. I will not easily give up on this platform because of new management.

"Gooi geen stel oude schoenen weg voordat je een paar nieuwe hebt."

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20.03.2020 13:38

hey @wakeupkitty am staying too, let's keep going on steem blockchain 😉

20.03.2020 13:44

Good to hear. I need to find a way to post. Just noticed my favo app partiko posts in Hive now. I like to know how it develops. Nice to meet you. 👍🏻💕

20.03.2020 18:18

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20.03.2020 14:00

I like it here too and the concept and the people, although many has left and moved. I was skeptical when I first joined but I grew to like it because although there were some bad experiences, most were good and I continued to stay. But I think I will be on both platforms, as long as this place is still alive.
Take care @wakeupkitty. Be safe and healthy <3

29.03.2020 05:53