My neoxianpowercontest recommendations you find here!

There is a neoxian contest going on and slow me will join. Let's hope my connection will not let me down.

This contest is about nominating communities. I never nominated one, only Steemians. I started with free writers (thanks to @freewritehouse).

To be honest I find it hard to nominate a community because it frequently beats me if a community is a community or one single person.

My 1st recommendation is @freewritehouse is started by @mariannewest better known as #ccc.

CCC stands for Curation Circle Creed.

Great things about this community:

  • Anyone can join.
  • No single person owns it - the participants and supporters take ownership and shape it and that is what I find special.
  • Freedom in what you do, write.
  • No need to join Discord answers on questions, friendly #ccc members who are willing to engage with others.

The community is there to help newbies and does so by her contests/giveaways.
They are open to all languages so no need to write in English.
If you like to play Splinterlands you can start with their help.

  • They support good content (>200 words) and you get paid for your membership.
  • The payments, support, upvotes do come from the members. The biggest delegator and sponsor is @freedomshift and @macoolette.

Like they say _"@pifc I discovered great content of engaged people who work hard and are active. It is true I need hours to find it but it is worth it.

This community does more. They also let you "pimp your post". You can leave a link of your own post, one you find it deserves more attention. Those who do so also read and comment to each other. How awesome is that?

To my opinion, this community deserves a prize for her hard work, the energy, and engagement they put in Steem.

All 3 of these communities are small. They might mean nothing to you but they could be. If you take the time to join and engage I am sure they will improve your life on Steem too.

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Comments 2

This is a nice write-up :)
Do we know what we can do with neoxian tokens? Am trying to figure out what can we do with all the different tokens that we have. Hmm..

22.08.2019 09:06

As far as I understand we can burn them and get steem (upvote?) for it.

We can change them for?

Stake them

So far I am collecting them till I figured out what to do with it. I assume you need steem-engine? I do not know how that works.

We can ask @freedomshift

22.08.2019 10:32