My favorite film.

My favorite film?

Actually, I have no idea. I watched so many, I own many as well on videotape, DVD, USB, torrents and by now I download via Netflix.
Watching online isn't possible because my connection is too slow to even load Netflix.
I download if there's a good connection somewhere and I remember doing so.

According to my youngest "Keizer Kuzco" (The Emperor's New Groove) is my favorite film.

It's an animation produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures in 2000.
It's one of the few newer Disney animations I like. I am not fond of the new animation styles and like cartoons way better, the old fashioned drawings, not the square computer drawing style.

What makes this film my favorite?
Mainly the characters and humor.
My favorite character is Yzma. She old but what is really cool about her is she likes herself, knows how she takes care of herself, her needs and for some strength, she has a helper named Kronk.
Best scene: Yzma changed into a kitten and is not crazy about that idea. Once she drank the poison she will be her own beautiful self again she will kill Kuzco."
How cool is that?

Cool? Way cooler is the Dutch version of this scene. The voices fit better with the personalities.

Kronk might be annoying because he is not the smartest around but he is very loyal.
He doesn't care about what Yzma looks like, he is a great cook and follows in her footsteps.

On their search for the emperor who isn't dead but changed into a llama, they stop at a pub for a meal.
A trick is used by ..... to get the emperor out of the pub, away from Yzma.

Another great scene.
Yzma and Kronk visit Pasha's family to find out where Kuzco is.
Pasha's family knows how to take care of a guest...

Yzma might be old but for sure she is intelligent and not the worst person to have around. Her self esteem is amazing and I do believe she deserves better as what the spoiled kid-emperor treats her like.

What makes this film a good one?
Mainly it's characters, the expressions used and which all are good for a good laugh. This film is good for the mood, at least mine. I have it on videotape and DVD.

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Peruvians hate it, the film paints a very false picture of reality. But so is fiction, in most cases.

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