My entry to "What does today mean to you? 2:36" - Baking time.

Apparently it is baking day.

If you read this
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13.02.2020 09:51

Thank you for the tip and all your support and great comments @davidke20. 😘💕

13.02.2020 17:17

It loooks so yummi . I would like to tasty

14.02.2020 01:17

Oooo!! Thank you for the recipes! Now, I have no reason not to bake! I like the almond one. I have some almond flakes that can be added but they might have expired.
btw, have you deleted a post before? I accidentally hit the Publish button on my template in Steempeak and now I have 2 posts with the same content. Ugh.

14.02.2020 12:55

@davidke20 said it is possible to delete a post as longvas no one voted/commented on it. I never saw that option so if something goed wrong I edit and change the post in a new one... just the link remains.

I would use the almond. I doubt it can get spoiled at all. Let the dough stand a while before you bake it. Good luck 💕

15.02.2020 00:17