My Entry to Contest - "What does TODAY, Sept. 12, 2019, Mean to ME? - #ccc 2.14"

Today is total chaos.

It is not that different from the past days. The clock is ticking and I feel annoyed because I did not come writing my story first.
After I read one of @gertu too. On most days it makes close to 20k steps! Bicycling up and down and daily sport at school is good for at least 15k.

As we just started the weight loss within 1.5 weeks was 6 pounds. After that is was like a Jojo... gaining weight, losing weight and that is the biggest disappointment here.

More sport, way less eating and no weight loss.

I hope next month it all will look different.
I believe by now @actifit's his #ccc contest: What does today mean to you? (See @team-ccc her daily freewrite (prompt poverty).

Location: parking lot in front of the supermarket.

This bear sat in front of school in the pouring rain. I was soaked after taking the picture. I have no idea what it means. End of the harvest season?

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@wakeupkitty I can not even think how terrible it must be for you to think you Mother hates you for being born a few days before her birthday, you should have been her gift from your Father. That is how I would see having a child near my birthday. My daughter was born 2 days before my Mothers BD and she had a daughter born the day after my Mothers BD, my Mother loves it.

12.09.2019 16:39

My mother wanted attention and that was what she did not get. Kind of weird since I am sure she got it as I was born. I think she preferred it as I was born in time. If that would have been the case it had been on my father's birthday and she would have had a great reason to ignore his birthday. For sure this was not the ideal couple. The very spoiled rich, angry girl with the poor foreigner.

I have a daughter born exactly one week before my birthday. A Sunday child 😊. It never was a problem to me. We celebrated each one's birthday separate. Only this year I missed her birthday. We will celebrate later. It is not the day but the person that counts.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

12.09.2019 18:47

@wakeupkitty you are so right, it is not the day but the person that counts.

12.09.2019 18:52

A veces los adultos no sabemos como tratar a los hijos y, viceversa en otros casos. Me entristece que tu caso sea el primero. Lo bueno es que aprendemos de los malos tratos, para hacer lo mejor, a los nuestros. Dios te bendiga amiga.

13.09.2019 00:08