My Entry to Contest - "What does TODAY (Jan 10, 2019) Mean to ME?

Today it's Friday and I wish I could say it is nearly weekend.

Does anyone still say that? Weekends have changed. Many of us have or keep working.
If it comes to weekends... all my days are the same, it never was something to look forward too.

I always wake up at the same time no matter how tired I am and get out of bed.
I never feel great, shining, full of energy. Mornings are not my time of the day no matter what idioms say. My biorhythm fights it and my "common" sense fights my biorhythm and as the years pass by I feel only more need to sleep.

source If you ask me being a rabbit is easier.

The duvet cover I bought is sewed in a very bad way and torn.
I sew it tomorrow.

I called the doctor but he didn't answer the phone.
I said I will call back but if so I only do it to use my calling credit so it feels less like a waste of money if I cut the sim card in pieces. I am no longer interested in the blood test after all these weeks. They never find anything and now it is lost.

I did what I always do.
Feeding wolves and kids, driving up and down, making a fire at noon, doing the laundry and we ate beans again. It's not good for me since with only 3 spoons brown beans a day I gain weight.

Gaining weight is not good for my mood.
I wonder about those days I could eat whatever I liked and still did not gain an ounce. Something must have chains if it comes to my digestion. It cannot be the prednisone only. I used it for years and the first years it was not like now.
I ate 1000 kcal which is clearly too much for me and 30 carbohydrates thanks to the beans.

For the rest, I did a lot of thinking.
My mind is always busy. Whole day and night and it prove we not easily forget. Suddenly you start remembering again.

Posted today (January 10, 2020)

Posted yesterday (Januar 9, 2020)

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