My selection of music?

It's true I rarely listen to it. True is too I can play one song for weeks or months. I no longer invest in buying music. Those days I spent listening at the record (vinyl) store are over. I have no radio in my home the the last CDs I had disappeared.

A song to inspire, a tune to relax, a piece to give joy, a track to chill, and an anthem to lead us. is what @steemitblog asked for.

Pink Floyd

Money... a great song, text, listen for yourself. One of our maids introduced me into.Pink Floyd and I could even borrow her vinyls.

Within temptation

Mother Earth
A great Dutch band and I had the owl which you see in the video.

Within Temptation

The Ice Queen
Afterall I love fairy tales.

Gigi D'Agostino

I'll fly with you...
No need to explain what it's about.

Busy Signal

Good memories come along with this song. I never heard Busy Signal at the time I spent in Africa only covers sung by others. They were different but good.

BB Govinda swami and the symphony orchestra

A song, voices, that make you relax and even sing along.
AfterI met some people from Ireland in Budapest I searched and found this song.

And if you need more to relax or calm down youcan listen to Enya or Andreas Vollenweider.

My entry to 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 26 - Musical Interlude

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AThank you for your nice music selection,

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Very nice musical selection, @wakeupkitty

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Thank you my friend. I hope you are doing fine. 💕

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Great selection, thank you

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