Moving on

For years I moved nearly every year. Starting a new life in a new neighborhood, house, place. The only thing I kept was my job. My children visited many different schools and if they did not feel well we searched for another school. I did the same with my doctors. If it comes to places, schools and doctors I am not loyal. If it does not fit as we move on.

@olivia08 always ends her articles with the phrase life is too short...

It is indeed if... you look back. And if you do not look back you discover it at a certain moment. For example by the age of your children or for some reason you see yourself clearly in the mirror for a change.

I like to have my peace.
I like the place where I live but I know I have only two options if I have a future. One is to die here alone the second is moving out.
I have another place to go to, where I can stay. The doctor (who never has time) is across the street and so are the shops. It is where civilization is.

If I had had the opportunity to move to this place earlier (7 years ago) life might be easier. I could sit in my chair and watch people pass by. My children would speak different languages from what they speak now and might be less social only focussed on internet, gaming, all luxury there is.

For now I am not moving but I know I will again. The moment will arrive the two youngest will not spend day and night with me, might not live with me and the wolves died. That is the moment for me to move on. To save me money for example by no longer owning a car.

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Merry freewriting days to all of you.

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I liked your post. I'm from Venezuela but I live in Chile two years ago.
Thanks for sharing youe story. I'll try to write a post in Spanish. I'll ask to @mariannewest if that is possible.

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Thanks a lot :)

23.12.2019 02:42

I have moved about a dozen times and it isn't fun packing and unpacking with kids. I can't imagine moving every year but I can understand why you did. It sounds like the place you might move to next would be good for you. At least you have somewhere to go. Hugs!

22.12.2019 19:49

@whatisnew It will make my life a bit easier and cheaper too. I liked a new clean house, starting allover again, clean sheets, leaving old behind. Less funny was leaving the old house clean painted behind. Merry days. Hugs 💕Posted with ![](

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