a procession of motor vehicles, typically carrying and escorting a prominent person.

Is what google translate told me as I tried to figure out what the given prompt means. Weird since "case" means something completely different.

Does this mean that if you are dead, in your coffin (perhaps cade alike?) and transported with a Cadillac to the graveyard with the rest of the cars following, you became certainly important, a VIP, are no longer the loser or jerk you always been?

I doubt it but if Google says so...

These days everything is about google. It's hard to not use it. My phone came with a lot of Google shit I never use or ever well. Together those apps eat my memory and know everything about me... It's what I call lack of privacy.

Even if I use the 'incognito browsing' option it's not incognito at all. The only difference is you are not signed in yet unless you sign in and leave the page open.

I use that option to be able to use Steemreply but it no longer works. @esteemapp doesn't show me more like a black screen, I can not sign in at which means I can only use Partiko. The good old app I am attached to and doesn't let me down if it comes to writing, editing, and posting. I can search for some people at times leave a comment but more is not in it these days.

Sorry if you wait for an answer I can not give it. I wish you a great day.

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