Monday's diary.

Monday - Oct. 21, 2019

4 am
Out of bed.

My mouth feels dry. I checked some symptoms. It is not the first time I did.

Sjögren's syndrome.
I read an article from the University hospital. Dry mouth, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin (the specialist thinks I do not drink enough), all the infections, swollen eyelids, being so tired, the nervee pain.

Although the hallmark symptoms are dry eyes and dry mouth, Sjögren's also may cause dysfunction of other organs, affecting the kidneys, gastrointestinal system, blood vessels, lungs, liver, pancreas, and the nervous system.

It is a disease young people can have and which was probably the case with me. As I was 12 I had tests for being tired (no Pfeiffer), this summer they thought about Addison disease. Everyone is used to my dry skin, the irritated eyes the allergies. There is no cure and tips given I already do if it comes to drinking water (2 liter), my skin, infections, covering my eyes and even chewing gum.

Fat fish and olives are good food.

Interesting that the English info says it can be treated and the Dutch specialist says there is no cure.

5:20 am
The bus- kid and I had our tea and go to the bus stop.

6:5 am
The youngest is out of bed and upset. Again there is a bug in her clothes (out of the closet). I got rid of it outside. Better kill them the walls are covered.

We have a mint tea together.

6:50 am
Youngest leaves.

6:55 am
My first post [Ich baue eine Mauer](

9:25 am
Posted Ein wahrer Bergsteiger.

Dpoll - done

  • You buy lottery tickets...
  • No idea what whaleshares is.

Ate two small boiled eggs, drank some water. It tastes terrible.

Cleaned the bathroom floor.

10:16 am
More clothes to sew.

Asked daughter to look for a legging for the youngest. No leggings they are only sold during Spring.

Swept the floor.

Fed the wolves. Removed leaves out of the water "buckets"

12 o'clock
Posted announcement CCC contest.
Made the payments, edited the post.

The bus-kid texted will take a bus 30 minutes earlier.

Posted the NEW CCC Monday contest.

Searched for an Artstorm contest to join.

1 pm
Some administration done.

2 pm
Youngest home.

Time to pick up the bus-kid and take the garbage to the container.

Bus-kid has a headache.

4:15 pm
Ate some tuna.

Start cooking.

Posted freewrite Inappropriately dressed

Joined #monomad photochallenge My entry

Bus-kid has a bladder infection? (Hot water bag and Cantharis D6.)

No idea what is wrong with the seeds planted. No result. If you ask me the beans planted are rotten. Will see tomorrow what to do.

5:24 pm
Youngest made tea.

No internet.

Wrote a #zapfic which is my last post of the day Famous.

Cannot load Office is tiny and annoying on a mobile phone.

Should have joined the shadow contest did not come to it.

On Thursday my daughter's lemon of a car will be picked up. Never accept a shitty car you cannot drive and only cost you money!

7:30 pm
Hot water bag and off to bed. Happy to stretch out for a while.

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Never had that, it doesn't sound that good to have, just drink more then.

22.10.2019 15:47

I cannot drink more as 5 liters a day. Any idea how many times you go to the toilet if you drink that much??? Ever heard of Sjōgren disease? I hope for you you never get that and all the other auto immune diseases. I wish you a happy day. 💕

22.10.2019 17:59

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