Messy Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019

7 am
Kind of woke up... I wish I could sleep longer. The pain starts... leg first (can ignore is), belly (harder to ignore but it stops), back (kidneys?), not great to lay on. Okay I go out.

The bus-kid is awake cleaning up brings me water and πŸ€” tea??? I don't like the Scrooge-McDuck-100-times-used-teabag-tea. (If you dry used tea you should make tea out of it again I once read).

No site is loading. For a moment I hoped to answer the comments ☹.

I feel dehydrated and my skin is as hard as stone again since the past 2-3 weeks. I gave up on the urea cream. It does not help it's a high cost I cannot afford.

After I stopped with prednisone the condition of my skin changed. It became softer, the thick dark skin could easily peeled of, no blue spots, even my nails started growing. Now the condition is getting worse. I think my adrenal glands are the reason. They still work and work even harder as expected. Just like my immune system they overdo their job too.

How to curate? A tip I read on dpoll (@bxlphabet)

I recently found out about this place developed by @curie to help with curation.
You can go to this post:

Basically, you set parameters of what you want to see and not see and save the search. Then you can go in at any time and see that same search again.

Might be a great help for those with internet access which isn't me. ☹😒😭.

9 am
The bus-kid cuts cauliflower. It is a small and expensive one. Since we eat the whole cauliflower I decided to buy it. Today we eat the white part with a cheesesauce and brie. Later this week I will make a soup and stew out of the green leaves. No waste of food here.

I still need to buy peas in a pot. The Pennymarket no longer sells them. Peas and green beans were the only two vegetables they sold.

What kind of vegetables eat people in Hungary? None or a pickle or slice of paprika my youngest told me. Salad is cabbage and carrot. They are not great cooks and that already shows if you visit a shop, watch what they buy or see the menu in "restaurants". Tasteless and a lack of interest must be the reason. They live from bread, pasta and meat that smells weird.

It is 9:55 am
I did not come to posting yet.

The bus-kid needs to plant 4 seeds for school and show the result in 20 days. Hello, what a waste, those plants will die. Our place is cold, less light and plants do not like smelly places (paint, firewood, smoke).

The youngest is feeding the wolves. Egg is on the menu of three of them (the eldest two males and the youngest female).

2 pm
Ate some breakfast cookies.

The cookies for diabetics I had in hospital tasted 10 times better.

Kept struggling with the connection.

I cannot use each time it starts partiko. I deleted partiko. What nextπŸ€”.

I used some other connection for a while, able to read two entries, read and comment some replies via esteem.
Steempeak confuses me. I cannot find the replies, comments. Back to

I feel stressed out, afraid I use too much mb or GB.

Tea time.

Whatsapp message daughter _I still have internet."

My answer If, than it is not yesterday yet. πŸ‘

Again we try to log in to the new Energy company what a mess. It tells me the email address does not exist (I does they sent 9 emails within 30 minutes time).
I need to give my password. What password? Many emails, no password.
My daughter does the register part, I confirm and have the app (her phone has no room for more apps).

Suddenly the amount we have to pay is 27 euro more a month. πŸ€”

How can that be?
Their answer to me "so you are the one with the eye for details". πŸ€ͺ

Yes, stupid AI bot I have to talk to, that detail is the reason why we look for a better prize! (204 euro excl taxes is not just a detail we talk about real money here!).

I cannot see her but my daughter is laughing. From now on I will hear I am the "detailed" on. She is giving Oxxio a hard time via facebook (doubt it will help).

@strongwoman answered me. She is the second helping me with steem-engine

OMG @wakeupkitty, you have too much token in your wallet just click on the send arrow to transfer your neoxag token to another user, there's a prompt where you could write the amount you wish to send.

@strongwoman, I will see and try to change that. I hope you received my answer. Thank you very much for being so helpful.

I should walk a bit more... steps so far 3734 ☹but hey I can do worse. 😁
Well, it is a holiday day, Sunday rest day plus I am sick and I have to use my connection if I have one.

It was a struggle to answer/upvote @olivia07 her entry. Without the partiko app you can only read a partiko link and that's all. I want to reply and upvote too. I found the post via and her account. @Partiko if you read this, this sucks too!

I tried steemlookup but only see posts older as 1 hour and not more as 8. Quess I need a clearer explaination from @fitinfun how or what or are there no posts today?

I posted Terrible Thursday - Sept. 19, 2019.
Interesting fact. I added 13 tags it was accepted. As I tried to edit via SteemCoinpan the amount of tags was no longer accepted.
No problem. I installed @partiko again (used @olivia08 her link it popped up as I visited her post using her partiko link) and edited with @partiko.

2:42 am
I cook and walk and think. A slow connection takes all inspiration away.

7:40 pm
Time flies. We ate and watched the series Real Human. A good subject to discuss.

In the meanwhile I walked, drank tea and answered replies. I hardly come to writing.

@ArtTurtle anyone heard from it? It showed up underneath a post of @olivia08 she is a freewriter now too πŸ‘.
If you follow the links given you can read a post of over 1 year old. I left some questions behind.
Does @ArtTurtle upvotes #creativecoin?

8 pm
Posted I have it a freewrite.

"I have chicken pox", he said, "I woke up with it, no rash and you know what? I had it as a child and it wasn't mild at all. You better stay where you are." read more.

Wrote and posted Human, Robot or Hubot? a German freewrite about the Swedish television series Real Human I think @crypto.piotr might be interested in watching it. What might life look like if we implant our memories, thoughts, ideas (whatever our brains contain) into a robot.

10:13 pm
Last post of today was yesterday's @actifit report. I still had a Once upon... A life Tale - Alien to post and did it with @actifit after I edited it.

Somehow I forgot and I noticed it again as I cleaned up my notes. Shame on me 🀫
It is not such a big deal. It will not be read here anyway. Tomorrow I will post it elsewhere. It is time to catch some sleep. πŸ˜πŸ’•

Each day I write a diary #forthechildren.

If I can I use SteemCoinpan for posting
Note: SteemCoinpan wants you to use three tags!

  1. sct

  2. sct-en (or one of the other languages)

  3. sct-diary or an other subject.

    Posting via SteemCoinpan saves me the first tag plus I can use more tags. Your post will automatically show up on

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I'm sorry @wakeupkitty for inconvenience about my post. I will use @esteemapp but the problem I must use reading glasses. Using glasses while working is not good to my vision.

25.09.2019 12:04

No need to worry about that. I installed the partiko app again with your partiko link so I can read, comment and upvote now although commenting via @partiko is problematic too.
By the way there are weeks, months, esteem does not load with me either.

The steempeak and other links are problematic if you use partiko. Didn't you notice we can never click on a link given?

I know in the past people told me too they can not upvote if you give the partiko link. I try to give the steemit link now but it is extra work searching and loading via

It is a problem these app should solve. If not it means you have to keep using 3 or four different apps I know more people do that.

Happy day. πŸ’•

25.09.2019 12:15

wow ....

that sounds like some pretty dark stuff for daily life but it does sound all real, not rehearsed, filtered or adapted-for-more-likes ...

Looks like you don't have the easy life every day kitty-chan ... sorry to hear that, i wish i had curie levels but i dont lol , you hang in there !!!!!!!!!

Dont know much about the apps i just use aktifit when i know i'll be moving around a lot ( = lazy contradiction lol) and partiko when i have pictures and not much to say and when i speak i speak on this one anyway.

<3 the cheshire cat plushy

always been a sucker for both real and dystopian Alice

one of the most artsy games i ever had in my collection too

but with this ... i feel like ive been on steemit all day today lol ...

see you around and take care !!!!

27.09.2019 21:17

This is what my life looks like and once it was 10 times more busy and misery. Actually this these posts are hardly read just like most of what I am writing.
The circle is gone for the biggest part.

At times I wonder if I am really that busy. I guess so and it explains me and being tired and having no life.

If I read my diary I also feel as if I have been here whole day, which I was, and those days are getting longer and I still miss the important news LOL.

I use. Partiko to post but also to write and edit and add a photo. Next I can copy it into @actifit or @appics. Appics is a better app if you only like to post a photo.

I like the notifications @partiko gives. Comments, mentioned, transfers separated too but I noticed not all of my replies are posted and in the past weeks there were no notifications at all.

Now I try If it loads it might work faster and saves me time.

I like Cheshire cat mainly because he is nuts and the sentence "can you stay on your head?* and it takes his head off, like the Queen too. Alice is boring and I think there is more credit given to the story as there was meant with as it was written.
It is just a boring story bout a bored girl that falls asleep and has a weird dream (like many people have).

Have a look at the game later (when it loads). Happy Monday, till the next ❀️Posted with

30.09.2019 03:16


Tasteless and a lack of interest must be the reason. They live from bread, pasta and meat that smells weird.

( = lol ? ) so you live in Orban country ? "the great saviour of Europe" according to some overhere ... (i dont necessarily share that view) ...

i just thought, its not like ive been reading all your posts but you seem to go at it . I have seen you mention sbi yet so in case you havent heard of that yet maybe it's a good place to check out and hang around : @steembasicincome , they used to host lots of contests and giveaways and i'm assuming they still do . No requirements to speak perfect English or write the next Rawling novel as far as i know of, daily life works just fine . Just like the people who started #ulog if that's still around (not sure, i'm not the master socializer i come and go as i please like kiplings cat all by myself and i wish all places were alike to me but i dont think they are, not all of them lol

ulog was a little project where people could write on daily life (like your diary series here) and use #ulog as the first tag, they had a small team (before upvoting was curation so im not sure all that's still around) to check posts who did and upvote them (according to what criteria i don't know) ... im not too current on the whole sub-surface but from those you might find other branches for people who dont have an income of $500 an hour daily heh ...

just saying, before i forget to say it ... it won't hurt to check it out (and if you feel more comfortable replying in german to me that's fine, its been nearly 30 years but im pretty sure i could make out most of it, if that comes native to you, although in general its probably better to post in English as that reaches a wider audience)

with that i really have to cut my steemday short lol, it almost feels like im living inhere again

(purely Platonic ofcourse ...)

27.09.2019 22:40

@yapcat I partly am there and partly in the Netherlands. In both countries, I have children and a home. I travel up and down when I can and have money for it.

If I look around me in the poor part I live I saw it all improve very fast in the past 8 years. The rich Hungarians, the Hungarians that literally take a loan for everything, the Hungarians living by the day, women work hard, men mainly drunk and if they work in a bad mood.
Here are everything and everything possible if you are willing to pay. There is scam, envy, laziness, most foreigners got the road in their own country because of debts, taxes, etc. But you can safely walk over the street as a woman in the middle of the night, people greet, are polite (unless they hate you or are racists), no one will force you into a religion, the doctors still help you and hardly anyone speaks English or German.
You can burn your garbage, keep 40 dogs or dump them on the street, no one will sue you or complain.
65+ foes do not have to pay tax and traveling by bus and train etc is free. Two of my children visiting the school here and will study here. In the Netherlands, they would not have that opportunity.
If you are not such a big waster as the Hungarians are you can have a good life here.

There is still a lot of attitudes left from the communism. Too lazy to work, not able to save, invest in their future, a completely different way of thinking, alcoholism, a life without a bank account is possible and the amount of depression/suicides seem to be high.

If Orban will save Europe I don't know but saving his own country would be a good start. If Jobbik wins/rules the country will be empty soon. Many of those who have a Hungarian ID are not Hungarian according to them.

We see what happens. My kids found a better home as in the Netherlands where they been kicked out although they are born there.❀️
Posted with

30.09.2019 10:21

Oh hi there @wakeupkitty, I am just around and the workload is killing my supposed spare time of writing.
You can leave a message to any of my post or simply mention me, I can help you in steem-engine if you want to sell or buy or delegate, withdraw, deposit and transfer a token.
See ya! and Stay awesome.

28.09.2019 15:16

Hi @strongwoman. Thank you so much for helping me out. I would love to know how to sell or trade/change tokens into steem and how to buy. Thank you very much and take your time.

Have great Saturday and a !BEER.

28.09.2019 18:50