Me and yellow

I am not crazy about the color yellow.

I wouldn't use them to decorate my house with and I will never buy yellow clothes or shoes or drive a yellow car. It hurts my eyes.

These boots are brand new and for sale. Bought to go to an animé convention but they didn't fit. Disappointing for my daughter. She's an animator and gamer.

What shall I show you?
Photos about the Spring, Summer coming up, or about yellow food perhaps?

Someone once gave me tulip bulbs. Not my favorite flower either. This - what you see on the photo - is what grew out of it. No tulips but Irises. The purple ones look way better by the way. An interesting fact is they grow again. The eldest wolf rugged around in it and slept on it for the biggest part of last winter.

This yellow insect loved the purple t-shirt of my youngest. It stayed on the laundry for a very long time. I had all the time in the world to hung the laundry outside, go inside and take my phone and make several photos. It didn't move. Might be it was taking a break. A strong wind was blowing.

I intended to publish what I ate during April.
I didn't come to it yet but noticed there's more yellow food as I thought.

French fries are yellow if you fry in sunflower oil. My youngest grew up with it and pancakes. She used to eat them with applesauce but on this plate you see piccalilli. As the first snack bars started in the Netherlands you could only choose 3 different sauces with your French fries: mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, or piccalilli.

At a gas station on my way back home I bought this pillow for my youngest. As I was pregnant I bought a cuddle (not really a stuffed animal) that turned out to be the favorite and was named Knutsch". Now Knutsch has it's own pillow too.

This is my entry to Qurator's Monday Missions. Theme: yellow.
What you need to do: Take a picture of five different yellow things and make a story out of it.

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06.05.2020 15:51

I'm a huge fan of yellow, especially sneakers.

They are hard to find in my size though.

06.05.2020 16:56