From one day to the next it happened. At first, he had been treated as a rarity. Of course, people knew he had plenty to hide but in some way, it didn't bother them to see his real face. Many felt flattered by his appearance. It's what happens if you are a VIP and for sure the color of his skin had made his life easier, together with a few skills and a good promotion it had made him even more popular. Thinking back on how his life had been it all sounded like a big joke.

The color of his skin, the one he was once born with, turned out to be a great excuse. In the name of discrimination, he did as he wished. No one dared to accuse him of anything bad. Animals, children, aggression, molesting, abuse, and manipulation were the skills he improved during his life and it felt good.

Stupid people buy everything especially those who feel guilty or pity. Pity... that was what they felt for the once black boy who lost his color, identity, friends, and the love and respect of his family. A family that would never understand his only wish was to be a white girl but he didn't care. Just pretended he did. It was a perfect strategy to get away with what the called 'bad behavior'.

It had been a relief to realize the only thing he needed was a doctor, a specialist. One who kept silent and did everything for money. He smiled behind his mask as he thought back to his life. The things he had managed and how easily it had been to manipulate and buy what he wanted.

"Look at them," he whispered behind his mask, 'whoever thought I would set a new trend and be famous after all?'

He stared at the masked people passing by. It was no longer a beard, mustache, scarf or bandana hiding the real person but face masks did. Suddenly it was accepted to cover the face. Even a balaclava was no issue. Today was the day not only ugly, sneaky, hypocrite's faces, those with skins covered by acne, diseases, and scarves had to hide but the great and good looking had to too. Each one of those passing by looked the same. A copy of him.

Unshaved, uncombed, badly dressed passengers searched their way, looking for a new goal in life, their next victim.

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