Lame day

I feel a bit lame today.

I woke up at 6 am and decided to stay out of bed, hoped the free, unlimited internet given by the phone provider worked.
It turned out it did not. I could activate it 3 times and hoped this way I had it till Monday evening. It all turned out differently.
As the bus-kid woke up the first question was "does the internet work again?"
It turned out it did not since I left.
A lame present of a lame internet provider.
Whole day on I struggled with the connection and tried with two phones to write and reply. I didn't even manage to answer one day.

I am still mad about the wasted food, all those days of baking, planning, cleaning...

I tried to have an easy day but there was more dishwashing plus I felt cold.
At 11 I'm I made soup for the children. I did not cook but they had some peanuts and potato chips. I guess no one is really hungry.
In the afternoon I made a hot water bag to warm up my frozen feet. I need to fix the glass in the woidstive's window first before we can heat up the place.

I am no longer in the mood to post here so I go to bed. I drank more as I did in the past days and hopefully I lose some weight next week.

**This is my entry to the daily 5-minute freewrite with the prompt "lame". See @mariannewest
My entry to the CCC contest hosted by @gertu.

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16.02.2020 21:17

Thank you for the support.

16.02.2020 21:20

Great story, wakeupkitty :)

16.02.2020 23:48

I guess a life is interesting enough as if is?
Thank you for stopping by. A good Monday/start into the week. 💕

17.02.2020 03:32

@wakeupkitty I would complain about the internet and see if they will give you some free days. Do you not have any heat in your home? I hope you get the window fixed..

17.02.2020 04:07

Nice story

17.02.2020 15:35