Join the contest: "What does #ccc Stand for ❓What does #ccc Mean to you ❓Contest #ccc 2.09"

This is a weekly, Curation Circle Creed (CCC) contest. It starts on every Monday.

I like the community CCC

A good reason for me to give hosting this contest a try. A community can only grow if those who join are willing to give a hand.

This week's contest: What does #ccc Stand for ❓What does #ccc Mean to you ❓Contest #ccc 2.09 has started and you can find it HERE posted by @freedomshift
@gingbabida and
to join this time. I am looking forward to hear what this community means to you.

The picture is a pic.

This is an Invitation to join #ccc for [Guaranteed 👍 Daily Income 💵 and Payout 💸 for Newbies (2.0) 🐟 🐜 🐛 in #ccc 👣 and Follow 👣 the Honor Code 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)]( <br>AND <br>the latest update <<< _please click to read._

OR, copy it from here:

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I'm up for this challenge, and I just started to write it.

And it's sooooooooo tough, but I love being really challenged.
I have wanted to find such issues and I'm really happy now

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07.08.2019 13:00

Great you join. You can on every Monday so also write in advance.

Today starts one hosted by #ccc named: What does today mean to you.

Luck with writing. If I know more I let you know and tag you.


07.08.2019 15:01

Hey @wakeupkitty, so you are hosting what #ccc means to you instead of friday emoji?

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08.08.2019 02:09

I will try this one first because @freedomshift asked me.
If it works I will see if I can combine it with the emoji or do an extra one.

By now I need to figure out how to keep the post an easy read. There is so much info.

How do you pick a winner?

First prize is always 1 Steem or transfer 1 steel to steembasicincome as sbi?

Can I take over a part of your info about prizes and rewards?

08.08.2019 19:57

Ah ok.. ya try first and see if it works for you.

Yes sure sure, go ahead to take whatever you need from the post. Part of the info have been customized to my own understanding :D

You can select a winner from a random number generator - I google "random number generator". Or there are some other choices available like or even within Steem, you can see what other people use. I just go with the random number generator because it is easier for me to keep tab the number of entries, etc.

First prize, it is 1 STEEM = 1 SBI because it is a long term benefit for all. But I think if you want to give away 1 STEEM, it should be ok too?

If you have any ideas or ways to do this differently, you can always propose and discuss which I think is the beauty of this community. We define it to a certain extent :)

09.08.2019 15:12

So instead of 1 steem you give 1 steembasicincome.

I wonder how that works if that person already had 1 steembasicincome earlier. I have doubts SBI counts 1 + 1 +...
Once read if you gave 1 to someone and want to make it 2 you have to change it into 2..

I will have a look at that Google option.

Your text is way clearer indeed.

PS noticed many use the ccc tag but I see none of them join the contests ever. Do you upvote 10 people after you posted ccc content? I am sure many of them don't.🤔

12.08.2019 04:29

I wonder how that works if that person already had 1 steembasicincome earlier. I have doubts SBI counts 1 + 1 +...
Once read if you gave 1 to someone and want to make it 2 you have to change it into 2..

It appears that you are confusing SBI with delegation. With SBI, it counts and is additive. If you changed it from 1 to 2 by sending 2 STEEM instead of 1 more, the total cost would be 3... No, in fact if you send 2 more it will become 3. 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + ... + n and it keeps counting based on the total STEEM sent.

Now, if you delegate, it works differently. The blockchain handles it as a state change instead of additive, so if you delegate 1 SP and then delegate 2 SP, it becomes 2 SP (not 3 SP).

12.08.2019 13:40

Thank you very much for your explanation. I am happy you took the time to explain this to me. I was kind of worried it would not make any difference and in the end the receiver would not receive more.

I keep this in mind and am relieved.
Thaanks again,happy day 💕

13.08.2019 01:59

Ah to me, SBI works as long term investment for a lifetime of upvotes for both the giver and the receiver members. E.g. for me, when I first started getting SBIs (from contests such as these, winning 1 SBI share here, 1 SBI share there, it all added up to a special formula that is shared by steembasicincome in their reports e.g. here to calculate your posts upvote value. But now there is a minimum which I forgot what it is. My first upvotes from sbi was $0.00x and now the value has become $0.0x after a year of winning and giving out SBI shares here and there. I think it is beneficial for us who posts regularly.

Hmm... Yah, I don't count how many #ccc I upvote but I try to upvote those whom I know when I have the time. For you who joins my contests, I will upvote 100% and wait till the VP is near to 98% before I upvote. There are some who uses #ccc but are just trying their luck - e.g. less than 200 words, did not paste the #ccc code which I do not upvote. There are those who do not join the contests but were regulars in #ccc before when they had time but still posts under #ccc now. I do upvote them, for those whom I knew from before. There are also those who did not post under #ccc but when they upvote my posts, I will try my best to return the support. I guess in #ccc, the contests are pretty diverse, maybe not easy to understand for some, and spread out that the members do not stick around as much as we hope to. But I am happy with the support I am able to give and the support that I get from you lot <3

I remembered when my upvote did not worth much e.g. 0.001 haha.. Now that my upvote worth a wee bit, it feels better to be able to see that my upvote helps by adding to the value even just for a little digit.

12.08.2019 14:54

Okay so it is the best to give SBI and I assume it doesn't matter if it is 3 times 1 SBI.

It is a good thing to be more alert if it comes to ccc users and upvoting. Might be I will invite some of these users next time for my contest and see what happens.

I agree the contests are hard to understand. It is also too much info given. I will see if I can change that or link back to another post of mine but I need more time to get the right info for the subject.

Might be there are also too many contests. Many have only a few people who join. I noticed there is less response at freewriting, freewritehouse too.
The difference here is it is an easy way to win and we do not seem to reachout to the group who needs it the most. I know as I just started there was no way I could find options to earn. Perhaps we need to use a certain tag as well or change the title.

Do you join your own contests?
I noticed freedomshift did the last times with an example of a post.

Perhaps you can call some members you know to join your contest? It is a way to keep them in touch a bit.

We try and see what happens. It is indeed good to have some more vote, although I am happy with everything as long as I can post and comment and have a bit extra to share.

Btw is 1 SBI still worth anything now it's so low? Is it interesting to join?


13.08.2019 01:43

Btw is 1 SBI still worth anything now it's so low? Is it interesting to join?

Valid question.

I think that many contests are not doing well because the prize structure hasn't been adjusted to keep pace with the downward price.
When SBI was started, STEEM was at $8. An equivalent prize now would be 40 SBI (and that's a prize that would get a lot more entries).

13.08.2019 02:03

That was what I was thinking too. Everywhere it is and stayed the same except for 1 where you can win 30. The question now is how many can effort a prize like this. I think it over, also if extra rules are needed.

Thanks for reading and above all answering.

13.08.2019 02:25