January 12, 2020 - Happy birthday dear Carmen.

Sunday Jan. 12, 2020

Today's my friend's birthday.
For some reason I always forget so my phone told me as I woke up. I sent her a sms to congratulate her. I have no idea if she will celebrate it. Last year was a hard year for her and her family.
Her father has cancer, father in.law has cancer and the father in law of her sister was diagnosed with it too.
Her mother broke her ankle and scares away every help except of her daughters and is very demanding and her sister had a heartattack.
We meet once or twice a year and only if I visit her. We no longer live in the same city.

I wrote my #hasil2020 update.
The weight and SP so far is positive but it is not Decemer 31 2020 yet.
I might need to change some things if it comes to the savings but I.do not know how yet.

@felixgarciap and @oneray join now too. πŸ‘πŸ»

My food today
I ate three small boiled eggs and peanuts and that was it.

The youngest did the laundry and hung it outside.
It is freezing but there was sun.
I made a fire after 2 pm and watched the Netflix movie "6 underground". It is mainly action and you have to get into the story. The more you watch it the better it is.
I wonder how much acting is left for the actors with so many stunts.
Six "ghosts" go to Turkistan to start a coup. The dictator's brother has to take his place.
It had a happy end. The dictator was kicked out of the helicopter and the rebels took care of him.

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13.01.2020 17:09

So she is like not lucky in life. Well I hope she has a nice birthday. 6 underground is nice I saw it.

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13.01.2020 06:37

I guess her family is not, or at least not the past 1-2 years.
There is nothing wrong with her luck. I hope she celebrated it with laughter. No doubt there was plenty of cake and food.

How are you doing?

Great to meet someone who saw the movie too.
Happy day and thank you for leaving a comment. πŸ’•

13.01.2020 17:14

Ahh partiko has a probleem displaying the reply in the app. I have to find another wat then.

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@hans001 No notifications + no way to lay hands on your partiko points.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it. πŸ’•

13.01.2020 17:11

There's only this much we can do as a friend. Remember her in our prayer, and I will pray for your strength to continue support her. One more !tip for your friend.

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13.01.2020 07:04

Thank you very much. She is fine just need to take a break at times (which she does) and both sisters told their parents they should accept help since they can not give it next to their own job and family. They already cook, do the shopping, driving up and down to the hospital, etc.

Thank you for your tips πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

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Thank you so much for your tip @davidke20 πŸ’•

13.01.2020 17:10

Thank you for the update. Happy day πŸ’•

13.01.2020 17:11

@wakeupkitty, do you have your entry about the clouds?

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13.01.2020 10:19

Yes, and you found it already. πŸ’•

13.01.2020 17:12

Yes I checked my resteem and I found its @gertu had no entry last time.ⁿ

14.01.2020 04:34

@olivia08 I think she was too busy with her plants and cakes and cookies. She mostly starts writing around midnight. πŸ€”β€οΈPosted with ![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmbroYujK9LNd2s8zDKPUCADmseyJDuNbhwBPrrF7xM8FL/logo-comment.png)

15.01.2020 18:09

Just like me friend

15.01.2020 19:11

An upvote for you for being a member. Enjoy your day.

15.01.2020 06:22