It was all so good for the mood - "My Entry to Contest - "What does TODAY (April 9, 2020) Mean to ME? - #ccc 2.44"

Today started rather good.

Good is good for the mood. Better don't ask how I went to bed. Nose closed, head filled with snot which feels to me like a head filled with dust. It suddenly popped up out of the blew. I decided to go to bed, sit up straight and watch some episodes of "The Big Bang Theory". The first 3 of season three. Kind of annoying is many episodes seem to miss. Shame on you Netflix.
Sitting straight up made my allergies worse which meant last night was the first night I could lay down a bit. Hurray. 🥳 For sure it's better for my neck and back.

A view out of my bedroom window. I mowed here too. It felt good to be outside for a longer time.

Once out of bed I decided to mow a part of the lawn.
The wolves were happy which made me happy. I felt annoyed about some yellow spots on the grass. The car leaks oil! The bus-kid tried to call the care service again without any result. I spoke to my daughter and checked the oil level.
No oil! Not one single drip and I just changed oil. Four liters are gone, leaked out. The youngest and I looked underneath it but saw nothing.
What to do next? I decided to drive to the car service (the last one the bus-kid called and who hung up on it) and ask how or what. In the worst case we had to walk back which would take us at least 4-5 hours walking. ☹

No signal light burned but I didn't feel comfortable as we left.
I passed by the place where the guy lives who changed the car's oil. He sat outside enjoying the weather. I told the kid to keep distance but I believe the guy didn't care. He came closer and closer and said he had time and offered to drive us home. I gratefully accepted it since walking is hard for me.
The fact someone is willing to have a look at the car is good for my mood. Fingers crossed it's mainly dirt and sand and cleaning up plus a new filter will be enough (plus new oil). If not it will be expensive. At least I can do without a car at this moment. I have plenty of food and dog food as well. The garbage is taken care of plus we have water. No car is a good excuse to stay home, the lockdown only makes it better.

How was your day?

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