It's crystal clear

Once upon a time, there was a guy who thought he was special.

He might be since what we see exists...

is in the eye of the beholder.

"How unique can one be if no one can see special me", he confessed, as he went for a walk on the country, to a tree.

"Why you ask me" the old oak replied, "please take your filthy hands off me."

"I'm sorry."

"That's what they all say at the end of the day, mainly if it's too late and harm is already done", it told the dude.

"Getting old is not for pussies you know, I assure you I'll still be around long after your dead body is buried and the world forgotten your name."

Life isn't about being great and gathering fame was what the man thought as he strode away.

Still, he wanted to be someone extraordinary not only to him or the society but be memorized in history!

What or who did everyone like to see and speak about, if it isn't me I simply turn into such a personality with some help.

As he wandered on he searched his memory and suddenly remembered a tale of long ago.

A spell or swing with a wand owned by a wizard, witch or elf...

They offered help.

He moved on and passed three forests, land oversea, climbed up and down hills to find the place where fairy tales are still alive and magic is given for free.

A present... it waited for him to be... the ultimate...

He did not ask or wonder how much longer it took - to find the land in his long-forgotten fairy tale book - all he counted with he was the only, chosen one.

For a moment he stood still sank down on a stone, one that didn't appreciate the company it shouted: "leave me alone!"

After studying it - what a joy - although they never met in his life before, it was him one of the eldest he did adore as a kid.


"What are you looking at!"

"It's you", he stammered but it kept dumb already had said enough.

"What brought you here", the sound, a whisper, tickled his ear.

"I need some help a bit magic for me so I can change into a beloved, famous memory."

"That can be arranged although it isn't wise... are you willing to pay the asked price know nothing is for free."

"I do what is needed and will compensate for it, I am not a poor bastard and can afford it."

Once the price was set, the deal was done there was nothing to arrange, the man slowly started to change in a huge, magical tree it was his destiny.

"They will keep you company, hug you, cut their names in your bark, share their lives and once a year you'll be free...

a vegetal magic deer."

If the water is suddenly crystal clear you know.

He touched it, the enchanted deer.

Photo = prompt and owned by @alnhart

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Awesome job! I really like the flow of your words in this!

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Very enjoyable. I imaged being a kid and you reading this outloud to the class.

Loved this line:

"That's what they all say at the end of the day, mainly if it's too late and harm is already done", it told the dude.

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Thank you for reading and commenting. I read a lot for children. Already started at schools for 2-3 years old. It was one of my biggest passions. 🙂

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