It is peanuts!

Hurray the day is over.

I survived another day with a strong wind blowing me off my feet.
I tried to stay inside as much as possible.
A joke if you consider I need to drive up and down four times a day.

The good news is the neighbors stayed inside.
The neighbor dog has one ugly pup. It's just born and outside day and night. Let's see how old it gets. It already survived a hailstorm.

It's peanuts?

According to the youngest, I have to bake at least three big trays with pie for Saturday, February 15, 2020.
The plan is school sells it during this day, it's their terrible carnival party a boring event.
The youngest has to be present at noon to decorate and already made garlands at home (I had to pay for the material).
How come school waste so much and they do not save what they already have? These adults are a very bad example.

If I refuse to bake and help out the whole day I need to pay 100 euro otherwise my child is not allowed to join the school trip.
I beg your pardon? What makes that teacher think she can threaten me?
I am the one who decides if my child will go on a trip or not (I am not sure because I do not like mine to be raped like what happened to Anna last year while the teachers didn't care.).

Each time, several times a year, the same parents bake and deliver, the rest - teachers first - stuff themselves for free.
I do not like greedy and lazy people, I do not like people who schedule my time or try to lay hands on my budget.
I will see what is left in the cupboard. For sure I will not spend this week's 2.50 euro for school. No way.

The teacher wants the youngest to stay till the end (8 pm) and clean up which at least takes one hour.
I will not allow this either.
7 pm is children's bedtime and on Fridays and Saturdays, the children are allowed to stay awake longer and spend their time the way they like. Cleaning up a school is not part of it. The teacher said she will see how to drop the kid at home but I still do not agree. I'll be in bed long before that time. No one enters my house if I am in bed.

Being their from noon till 9 pm means no food, nothing to drink unless they buy the unhealthy stuff sold.
So I need to make/buy food for them which they can take along too.

Carnival is not the kind of party we celebrate and I do not like to be forced into this.
Apparently being a Jehova Witness is a good excuse. It's clear to me being polite, let your children be part of the school and their festivities are not a good idea. It only works against you.
It is a very bad habit of school too to tell you 1-3 days in advance if they are up to something and you need to bake or special clothes are needed for a two-minute show.

Long story short.

  • I see what I can make tomorrow.
  • I provide my children with their own food.
  • I take the youngest over there at noon and wait one hour till the bus-kid finished working at the library.
  • I drive kid + cake to the boring-carnival-event where it can watch over it and take over my job helping out. People do dirty things with food.
  • I pick up both at 4 pm. That is long enough and I will not drive back home in the dark.
    Sorry school. We are not pathetic and have a life.


My weight:
61.5 😐

What I ate today.
raisins, peanuts, 2 fried eggs with cheese and rice porridge.
It feels as if I ate too much.

I did sit-ups 40x and the bending 40 times as I waited for my hot water bag to be filled._

No Prednisone. 😐
I use a cream and hope it is effective enough.
The infections are still increasing but the pain is less which is most important to me.

Published today (Feb. 12, 2020)

Published yesterday (Feb. 11, 2020)

  • Charlie or Itchy?
    Entry to the "What does CCC mean to you 2.36" contest hosted by @team-ccc/@hive-166850.
    It was scheduled with @esteemapp for yesterday before midnight and not posted. How disappointing. I have the latest update and so far it only worked once as I scheduled for 4 pm.
  • What is love?
    I wonder... Are we spoiled by the most modern technics, horror and thrillers, special effects, horror houses are boring?
  • Boring freewriters?
    We survived it all.

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13.02.2020 06:25

It should be so that you wouldn't have to defend.Teachers often have a bad Awareness. It's really sad. Don't let them get you down

12.02.2020 23:42

It should be that way and these teachers know we are poor, sit in the cold and I am sick. I assume they also know sick people are easier to manipulate and want their children to have a normal life and have fun too. It's just this is no fun. Not for me and my children hate it.
Last week the youngest had to write down - just like all children - how much we spend on rent, electricity, food, clothes, etc. It was discussed in the class. It is shocking to hear how much those who say they are poor spend. It is at least 10 times more. Teachers know, they discuss not only your children but also the parents and home situation.

Thank you for responding. I wish you a great day. 💕

13.02.2020 04:34

It totally encroaches on family privacy and can cause you and your children additional internal injuries. And maybe the children feel embarrassed if they don't know the data or if they have to tell it in front of the other children and the teachers. I hope that the teachers have not researched this for malicious reasons behind the back of the parents. It is shameful that people who have to suffer poverty should be attacked even further in this way.
But why not, perhaps these teachers want to know how well the families are doing and want to try to help all those who are not doing so well.
I believe that here you get child benefit, child benefit supplement, housing benefit, social welfare and perhaps even more. Maybe you can also get that if you go to a family welfare office.

Try the new game Holybread, wakeupkitty. It's really fun and you can sell the breadcrumbs :D

13.02.2020 23:16

This is delicious food
Especially boiled and + add sugar
Peanut soup

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I guess you bake and like to see what you made out of what you have.
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