It all went well till eleven

My day started good.

Unless you call waking up between 3-4 not consider as "good".
I did the usual things and although I didn't feel so cold inside (kept my coat on, etc) at 11 am the pain started quite unexpectedly.
Why, why, why?!
I only ate olives until that time. So no food allergy but the next rash and infections thanks to the cold!
I tried one antihistamine but it did nothing.

After I picked up the youngest out of school I took 10 mg prednisone. Let's hope I can stop this. Saturday the youngest has to do a test for the next school in the city. Last year it took me whole day waiting in an ice cold school without anything to drink.

Prednisone is good for more appetite.
I better stay in bed tomorrow and not show up here.

I tried to watch the film "The 5th wave" but saw that one already and cannot concentrate.
It's early bedtime for me (it's not even 5 pm).
Good night, sleep well.

Yesterday it was for the freewriters.
Today I gave them to the Wednesday walkers.
I want to stake more but I can not sign in steem-engine.
Isn't there a different way?
Twice I tried to transfer tokens via Steempeak and that did not work either.

My weight was 63 so I lost a bit. Let's see what tomorrow brings.
If I won't forget it and it isn't too cold I will jump on the scales before I go to bed and when I get out and see what the difference is (and probably how much more I need to drink.

My food today
Green olives, cheese, muesli-peanut-chocolate bar (fewer carbohydrates as the ones with fruit and yogurt), 4 spoons pasta with pesto.
Prednisone. 😭

Posted today (Jan. 15, 2020)

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