Is it fair or

Is it fair to vaccinate the elderly and sick first? Those people who stay in nursing homes and spent the biggest part of their lives inside, many even in bed? The only risk of getting ill is brought by the nursing staff, the caretakers. Wouldn't it be more logical to start with the group of people who is still active? Those who live alone, take care of themselves and have no one who will drop by and take care of them?

The elderly homes no longer exist in the Netherlands which means you stay as long as possible in your own home and take care of yourself. The elderly do and so do many who are disabled, seriously ill and it makes one wonder how come they are not vaccinated first.
The same I wonder about those people working, those who do have a job, one where they meet many people. How come they are not the first? How come the government doesn't care about the working class? These are the people who do not only work for themselves, their own family but pay for all those who can not work! I wonder, really wonder why the government prefers to let a country bankrupt in name of a virus that turns out not to be a killer virus at all.

The vaccines are there, perhaps not as many as promised but personally I don't care. It's understandable a country that develops a vaccine will use it for itself first. What I do not understand is why so many expensive vaccines are getting spoiled because the people do not want that particular brand. Who pays or should I ask paid the bill for it? This is tax money. Money that shouldn't be wasted.

Vaccination is a free choice. It's not like eating a meat ball as someone said. If it comes to meatballs many do not eat them and it's the same if it comes to ice cream, hamburgers and fish. What we eat is our free choice even if it's unhealthy. The price for it we pay with our health, it's our responsibility.
Forcing people to be vaccinated with something they don't like, do not want, even threatening them is what dictators do. With a vaccination that works for 90% a nation has nothing to fear if only 40-60% is vaccinated because most vaccinations are only effective in 40-50% which is low.

In Germany, those in nursing homes are not vaccinated. Perhaps once but they are not the first. Is that fair? It's hard to tell but I understand why. Those people survived many illnesses and are not travellers. They do not infect many others because of their behaviour. They are at home and start home. With us, they are not even taken to the hospital. They can drop dead which makes me wonder again why the hypocrisy, why pretending we do it for the elderly and the sick ones. The truth is we don't care, the government never did. Did they close all hospitals and that lockdown? With us, it is based on nothing. There are not that many in the hospital, those with overweight are not helped to lose weight (there's a medication for it now), it's a cheap excuse.


United Nations boss António Guterres warns that some countries are using corona measures as a pretext to restrict human rights. Dissenters and independent media would be silenced and basic freedoms abolished under the guise of combating corona. Detractors, including rights activists, journalists, lawyers and health workers, are being arrested, prosecuted and intimidated, according to Guterres.
The UN leader does not name any names, but he says strict security and emergency measures are being imposed in certain countries to supposedly combat the corona crisis. Elections are being hollowed out to suppress the vote of the opposition. The rulers are in fact abusing the corona pandemic to curtail the 'most fundamental freedoms' of citizens. Guterres speaks of a 'vicious circle' of violations.

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