Important for the ecovillage

@ecotrain's QOTW: What 3 things are most important to you in the eco-village of tomorrow?

I never thought about living in an eco-village.

I am not such a people person and people close is a guarantee for trouble and stress.

I go live outside of the village.
A must for me is to be as self-sufficient as possible. In the woods would be fine I have memories of a long time ago, a pond or small river and a bit of grass I need for my cow and goat plus the chickens. Their instinct will tell them what is good food for them.

I always wanted fruit trees.
A garden where I can walk outside and pick some fruit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Berries I want too and some hazelnut and walnut trees. I eat myself a way through my garden and hug my trees without suffering from allergies.

The goat is great to give a hand with all the weeds (I am getting older) plus I would love to have my own goat milk and cheese.
I love cows. They have such sweet eyes and a calming effect. I already see her and no, I will not let Jack sell her on the market and come back with some beans to steal gold from a giant.
The chickens are there for the eggs in the first place and if my wolves are too old to hunt they can eat chicken too. It gives them something to do plus they eat everything, feathers included, so no waste and no mess.
I hope I have some wild animals passing by. Wild piglets, deer, birds of prey, raccoon dogs, foxes, etc.

If I need more food I will look for mushrooms or catch a fish, find herbs and cook me a tea or soup.
I don't need electricity really. In my world is no tv or internet but if... I would use wind or sun power. It is no problem to sleep as soon as the sun goes down and wake up with the sun. It is better for the biorhythm.

What I have too much I can give to someone else or I trade it for something I need.
I guess the ecovillage is needed for that. To trade with others @olivia08 knows how to sew dresses.

What my life looks like now.

At this moment I use my own water well. We flush the toilet with a bucket of water and use cold water to clean but also wash ourselves for the biggest part of the year. If I cook it is with camping gas and that works fine. My oven works on it too.
I heat the house with firewood during winters but in the past two years hardly. One of my children and I became allergic to it.

My children do not easily feel cold but I am. I have a lot of warm water bottles against cold feet and they work fine. During cold winters I suffer from terrible ear pain and infections although I wear a beanie day and night. Sleeping in a fridge temp eats you.

We live without a fridge, air conditioning, microwave, television and probably many things people find so normal these days.
There is no bus stop nearby and neighbors do not live close either.
My children are fine with it, they do not like noise and crowds or being disturbed. We repair what we can and do not spend much money on luxury items.

At this moment I have a walnut tree and one almond. I have two mulberry trees, one cherry and I planted a new cherry and apple tree (hope they will make it) and there are plenty of elderberry bushes. Mushrooms are growing here too. I know some are edible but I cannot keep them apart. Wild garlic is growing here and so is camille, nettle, and poppies. All food given by nature.

There is not much I would change except for my garden and knowledge if it comes to wild picking. Knowledge, crafts, and skills are needed most in an ecovillage.

@ecotrain thanks for the challenge

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but don't you need a warmer house? Because of your health? Isn't it easier to get some plumbing to make it a bit better for you?

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15.09.2019 19:29

I could have a warmer house if I was able to heath I cannot with the wood. A part of the house has floor heath the rest in the walls (walls is useless you can not heath with it). I cannot afford to do the plumbing again. They deliver bad work and I had to dig out parts myself. Same with leaking water pipes etc dripping in the walls. I hope it won't be too cold and if I will use a heater with gas bottle and electric and I will see if I can find some coal to heat up the coldest two rooms (one was the living now my youngest bedroom and mine is next to it. There is a stove.

Thanks for commenting, have a great day πŸ’•

16.09.2019 03:20

You can buy a metal net at gamma to put palletkorrels on you can buy them at hornbach the same with bruinkool you put a few cups of palletkorrels on the net and one bruinkool if the palletkorrels burned out just put a new cup on it. The korrels are co2 free. You could also let them deliver it to you I think.

16.09.2019 17:36

Don't you need a pellet stove for it? They are not cheap... I always used it for the litter of the ferrets.

I will find out about that net.
Once bought kind of pellets made of beets or so it smelled disgusting.

Thanks for the tip πŸ‘

Happy day, how are your legs πŸ’•

17.09.2019 09:09

Well if you buy a metal net / gaas bend the ends upwards you can put pellet korrels on it I do the same. Buy some spirus bloks to lit it and here you go. It's a little bit better now I get massage 2 times a week and I bought a device to make more zuurstof in the water and I drink that that is helping too I think.

17.09.2019 14:31

Good to hear you are doing better. If you drink that water you get more oxygen?

You use that net in your appartment? You have a chimney?

17.09.2019 16:20

Go and check out @eco-alex's incredible posts and work about earthships. You CAN be warm, comfortable and have the luxuries of a warm bath etc for a TINY amount of money. Promise you will be amazed. :)

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17.09.2019 14:00

I will, thanks. I assume it all depends on the country and house where you live πŸ€”

A warm house without allergies would be better as a hot tub.


17.09.2019 16:23