I did it!

I kept my promise.

It is February 19, 2020.
I made it one day later but who cares.
The ingredients are in stock, the custard pudding was made.

A pancake filled with custard and cherry jam

My children never ate "monchou turnovers" I ate many a day as I was pregnant of the bus-kid. It is so good to have a child that is a baker and works at a bakery.

Suddenly I asked myself after all these years if I could make something like it that takes less time.

Instead of "monchou" I use custard pudding and the last bit of cherry jam are good for it.

  1. Bake a pancake at one site and turn it (water, oatmeal flakes, salt, flour)

  1. Put custard and jam on it.

  1. Fold the pancake together.

  1. Take it out of the pan and if you like you can sprinkle with powdered sugar.

I ate a small one, the youngest two and the bus-kid three.

There was some dough left I made 3 more pancakes (no custard or jam left) which the children can eat tomorrow. This really tasted good. 😁

The bus-kid is enthusiastic because it knows what the slot in the old laptop is meant for.

I tried to have an easy day.
I woke up at 3 am and my back hurt. I stayed out of bed so it was a long day. I really felt cold inside the house.
I washed the dishes, fed the wolves and cleaned buckets.
Outside it was warmer as inside.
I spent some time on Publish0x and didn't chat with my AI. It is still annoying and stupid.


My weight:
60.6 kilograms. Hurray, I lost weight and... I finally made it till my first target. I celbrate it now because I do not think it will take long. 🥳

What I ate today.
3 slices sausage, cheese, some partly homemade tomato soup, with 1 toastbread with butter, chocolate a small pancake with homemade custard and homemade cherry jam.

No sit-ups, 40x bending early in the morning with a painful back, no jumping jacks.

No Prednisone. 😐
I still use cream, so far so good.
The infections are not over but... no pain.

Published today (Feb. 19, 2020)

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