I challenge you!

This freewrite is about @freewritehouse.

I keep it short.

@freewritehouse and reply on it with your recommendation.

  1. Recommend at least 1 freewrite in 50 words and include its link. That is it.

There is NO freewritehouse-team searching for a great freewrite.
All those recommendations are written by freewriters. Freewriters who take the time to read and recommend you.
They do not do this because they are bored, have all the time in the world.

If you write or freewrite I assume you read and comment too.
Big chance you read a freewrite you like for a certain reason or that makes you think.
Readers have, just like writers, ideas, opinions and persuasions. Share them and Recommended that freewrite!

Engage and invest in others so they will keep investing in you too!

Feel free to use this picture to promote @freewritehouse.

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05.08.2019 19:04

Excellent post, @wakeupkitty! Ausgezeichnet! I love the graphic. Did you compose that yourself? With your slow internet??

Hear, hear:

Freewriters take the time to read and recommend you...not because they are bored, not because they have all the time in the world.

Time is scarce

for all of us, and energy. Some of us are in poor health. We all know we should be writing and reading takes time away from writing. But, it's time well spent. The best writers are those who read a lot. To read great fiction is the trick, but reading amateur fiction can also be informative. It's hard for us to recognize our own writing flaws, but sooo easy to spot the same flaws in others.

If the present trend continues, I may have to stop investing my time copy-pasting, centering, formatting, and hyperlinking posts nominated by fellow freewriters for the Friday Favorites feature. The same small number of people do the nominating week after week, and the more time consuming part, READING assorted freewrites from fellow authors. Not that Friday Favorites has anything to do with critique and editing. It's about saying "Here's a freewrite Iiked." And 50 words or more explaining why. (Few people rack up fifty words, but nobody gets disqualified for that.)

Thank to all who have taken time to read and nominate their fellow freewriters. :) One of the most prolific has been you, @wakeupkitty!

06.08.2019 18:37

I noticed too not all recommendations are at least 50 words. Perhaps it was once allowed because only less responded with a recommendation?

You are right you can learn from everything you read but if there is no time to write for yourself it feels kind of useless.

It would also be nice if recommended freewriters respond too.

I cannot blame you if you give up on it. This really is a hell of a job with a slow connection.

Any idea how many freewriters join?

Perhaps we should tag them all and ask for their opinion.

Thanks for your compliment.
How is the WE write doing? We could write together, you 1 week and 1 one week 🐌🐌


06.08.2019 19:16

I haven't done a we-write in forever. I havne't done a freewrite for weeks!!
Time to get my act together.
I had missed one chapter in @fitinfun's book, on making excuses, on holding ourselves accountable, but I found it in the middle of the night (insomnia has its perks), and the message really hit home! FINALLY. Someone nailed it in a way that I will internalize. And act on.

07.08.2019 12:09

We have to change. We first it is. That will be less stress and brings us more happiness.


07.08.2019 20:50

Awesome post! Resteemed!

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07.08.2019 11:04

Thank you very much. I hope for some response. 💕

07.08.2019 20:40

Even on vacation I find time to read and write a little. Funny how vacation used to mean reading an entire book.

07.08.2019 15:25

Long time ago I read a book during my vacation. This vacation was completely different from what I expected. Need to catch up here and there are some books waiting for me too to be read.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you enjoy your vacation.

07.08.2019 20:42

Thanks for the reminder! I used to do the recommendations quite regularly, but slipped out of the habit.

08.08.2019 04:20

It would be great if you join once in a while.
💕 and happy writing

08.08.2019 05:06