Huge surprise.

Prompt given is the picture underneath source

You ask when

we will have a baby and I really don't know, looking like a big whale is not attractive and how do I know you take care?

Here we go again, I told you a billion times I will not let you down and stick around and do not care about a few extra pounds.

Okay, we give it a try, although I have big doubts and I don't know why I fall for you and always buy your smooth talk.

Off to the bedroom upstairs,
after a minute of five,
he told his wife
"I am exhausted" and... fell asleep.

Hurray! She is pregnant but her mood is not good, being fat means she's no longer fun in bed.

It all went great and they survived the months being huge and the once so grumpy wife congratulated the dad with his kid, told him to babysit.

New life came once more to the family
this time it's a boy and he completed the parents their family tree.

She was in good shape no longer fat and the children adored their dad.

And as the urge for the next one came it didn't take long again
for him to show her he was a real man.

Being pregnant is not a kick neither being thick.

He multi-tasked and did what she asked.

It is so good to have a man who keeps his promises and gives the best he can.

He ran up and down took care of everything just like he had promised her on that special night
as life seemed so simple and he believed the time was right.

This stress was not what he had had in mind.

What went wrong, what he'd think, how could he have been so blind?

Stop it!

Why those children never give me a break, suck all my energy, I need time a life for me, I can no longer provide and take care of this family.


Each of these my, three babies I did carry with me...

What do you want from me, can't you see I am busy, you keep pushing, you and the kids drive me totally crazy!

Oh, come on take a break meet a friend, family life is not the end.

Out he went she was right, it was high time for a break, an intermission, not with his household but best friend.

She managed without his help nicely,
he raised the children extremely politely.

As he walked in,
weeks later as planned,
his wife welcomed him
it was a new begin.

I'm a giant.

You taught me something, freedom is ours it was you who taught me living is togetherness.

That was what he said.

Tears in her eyes love at first sight in the married couple their life, how could they resist that and not end up in bed?

Oh, happy day I have such great news.

You are gonna be a dad!

She cannot mean that!

This is my entry to The 31 Sentence Contest: Round 5

How to do write?

  1. Use the prompt
  2. Write a story in 31 sentences
  3. Follow the sentence order given.

Note: The number of the sentence is the number of words you use!

I simply write and from one word comes another.
I seldom need to change much to get the asked amount of words. I had three lyrics of songs in my mind while writing. This is easier thanNo worries I wrote and messed up last week.


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Comments 17

Maintaining a couple's love despite births and all the daily vicissitudes that a family faces is not easy, however, when love is genuine, it endures all these trials and comes through. Thank you for sharing a nice teaching, @wakeupkitty, success in the contest. A hug back.

22.12.2019 21:00

Thank you very much for stopping by, reading, commenting. As long as there is love but also room to be you there is.
Merry days and a hug for you. 💕

23.12.2019 04:59

Write a story in 32 sentences

The contest is 31 sentences, not 32. 8-)

Your story was fun. Nice mix a poetry in there, too.

I loved this line -->

Hurray! She is pregnant but her mood is not good, being fat means she's no longer fun in bed.

You're very funny -->

the once so grumpy wife congratulated the dad with his kid, told him to babysit.

You must be a mother.

I loved how this mother kept popping out baby after baby!

22.12.2019 23:05

She is popping out babies on the pictureand yes I am a mother and no, it's no fun and it did harm my body and health a lot.

I changed the 32 in 31 Ihaveno idea what I have with 32... nothing. No, no 32 kids, I am not 32, none of my kids is. I must have a kink in my brain.

Thanks for reading, commenting, correcting. Merry days 💕

23.12.2019 04:54

I was curious to know where you were getting 32 and now I know - kink in the brain. lol. It happens.

Sorry to hear that pregnancy affected you that much.

23.12.2019 19:58

@tristancarax I guess I am not the best material. My only luck was very small children, all born too early and no problems. Merry Christmas. ❤️Posted with ![](

24.12.2019 21:13

You have garnered support from the @bananafish community. We appreciate you're fine work and hope that you will continue to produce awesome content for us to feast our minds on.

22.12.2019 23:12

Thank you for stopping by and supporting. I wish you merry days. 💕

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