How it ends.

Sunday - December 29, 2019

I slept late, short but good. At least I believe I did. It is just that my feet extremely hurt and I didn't run a marathon. It was the same old routine... waking up, drinking water and toilet.

One day I tell you more about this moon.

I guess my good wifi/internet life is over. I could not use Steemreply so I decided to watch a film. Let's say the film I was not able to watch yesterday.

Film: How it ends.

Film on Netflix
This story does not end so I guess that is how it ends. "It happens again", is what Will says to Sam as they jump into the car and fled for their lives.

Sam is in Seattle if it happens and Will is on his way to the airport after her call and words she is scared.
The power is off, all flights are canceled and the only way back to Seattle is driving by car. Tom, his father in law, is ready to leave to find his daughter and Will joins him. They find a way through the roadblocks, fire, need to kill to survive and after Tom died of the results of his broken ribs Will is on his own.
Not much is left from Seattle. It is covered by ash but Sam is saved, she left with the crazy neighbor and wrote a message for Will on the wall.

It all sounds better and more spectacular as it in reality is. You can watch this film, see what people do but not one single question is answered.

2:45 pm
I tried to answer some comments but it is hard without notifications and Steemreply. Time to get up a bit, drink more and watch another film. I am not in the mood for more engagement here at the moment.
A slow connection takes too much time.

The bus-kid and I tried to wash the car a bit.
Washing means getting rid of all the clay, mud, sheepshit stuck underneath my car and at the tires. It is freezing at night. If that gets frozen it is hard to drive/steer. The land road is still a smelly mess in front of the sheep stables. I am the only person who needs to drive through it or... has to walk.

It is 6:30 pm
I did not make a fire today and will catch some sleep with my two warm water bottles my bed is a great place to stay.

I scheduled several posts and they did not show up. I check about that later, one day.

It is nearly 2020.

If I do not speak, read or comment you later I wish you a great New Year's Eve but above all a super 2020.

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5 to 6 hours of deep sleep without disturbance. No one will call me when I'm in my room.

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@olivia08 That is not much sleep and free time you have a day. It would be forbidden here. There are rules for working hours and for free days off too. Only mom's and housewifes work 24/24 Posted with ![](

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