Hotel Transylvania (3)

It is Thursday, Januar 2, 2020 and I need an easy day.

The youngest need to pick up their new ID cards and my daughter will drive them with my car to Enschede up and down. She no longer owns one.

I wrote and email about the broken heaters yesterday and received an answer at 8:30 am with a phonenumber to call. My daughter will take care of it.

I started doing the dishes of the past days (it isn't much) and ate the share of salmon salad left for me. Last night I did not eat I feel stuffed and needed to sleep.

And... I watched the animation "Hotel Transylvania 3". I never saw it in the cinema. As I took the children over there I was not allowed to take my bag inside so I stayed outside with the bag and the children went alone. While waiting for 1/5 hour I saw many who were allowed to take their bags inside. Bags as bigger as mine! The cinema never responded to my message or the proof (I made photos) I sent. That is also a way to deal with customers who are satisfied. You ignore them.



Hotel Transylvania

An animation about Dracula who is a single dad. His daughter is married to a human who is a DJ too and he has a grandson.
They all live happily running a hotel for monsters. Dracula feels lonesome and his daughter thinks he needs a vacation. The whole family goes on a cruise (this is a great one for sure) and Dracula feels a zing (it is a monster thing, like love at first sight and as we all know a zing is never wrong always right).
Who is the lucky one? Van Helsing his great (great?) granddaughter.
Thanks to the monsters there is plenty of humor in it and the werewolves finally had time for themselves without all those children (a hurray for the kid club) ran by... fish.

After the children left I took a parcel for my daughter to the mail. This is located in a supermarket. There are no longer postoffices in the Netherlands. The prices rised again since the new year started so I needed to pay 50+ cents more.

I noticed many things became more expensive same as the gas/electricity price. Oxxio sent me a message via the app (I do not know when) and mentioned it. I saw it as I filled out the number of meters. I do this once a month at least to keep a finger on our costs of living.

Supermarkets sell bags to put your fruit and vegetables in now. It is instead of the plastic bag. One euro for a bag. How about not wrapping cucumbers, pepper, tomatoes, apples and 90% of all we buy in plastic in the first place?

I posted, scheduled and tried another server on esteem. Still the same result. Only one tag if you schedule. The time shown to schedule is not mine but London time, one hour earlier.

Each day I write a diarary for the chilen.

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Here also after government named the plastic bags the supermarket start sells the cloth bag (plastic bag were free).
You don't have any choice either you carry your own or you have to buy :(
I have not seen you on dicord?

04.01.2020 07:19

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04.01.2020 07:19

I was busy and now my connection is so slow. Partiko and esteem do not load anything. I can only answer replies :( I wait for a better moment.

Here some supermarkets sell the plastic bags.
Aldi asks 3 cent
Lidl 99 cent!
The cloth ones are 99 cents too but you cannot use or buy them in every shop.

Strange thing is there are paper bags with a part of plastic in it and they are free!

I buy without bag and put it one by one at the cash desk. That wil keep them busy. ๐Ÿ˜

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One of my favorite animation film ๐Ÿ˜€

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Great to hear. ๐Ÿ˜

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