Health claim or common sense?

Daily more and more corona tests are done and about eight thousand of those tests are positive. Positive means the virus is found but it doesn't mean those people are getting sick or are sick. So far no one I know is I'll and from all those people I know only my eldest knows someone who should be tested positive... It's the teacher of her stepdaughter. If the teacher is ill, in quarantine, or in hospital no one knows. The elderly parents of my friend are healthy. Dad has cancer, terminal but not infected, neither is the mom (both parents are diabetic and mom is what we call a chain smoker), and my friend and her sister (overweight family with heart issues) are all negative as well.

We start thinking about where all those positive, sick people are hiding (no, not in the hospital we hardly have hospitals left). The Dutch prime minister, nor other ministers have symptoms and aren't ill or positive either. PM Rutte isn't fat which can be a reason but we know he's no fan of a face mask. As he suggested we better start wearing one in shops - although shops already wrapped themselves in plastic - he couldn't say he would wear one himself as a reporter asked him. At least he was honest and most likely he knows what German neurologists already published in a German medical magazine: wearing a facemask will not prevent you from getting infected and... It damages the brain.

While the prime minister told the Dutch nation to stay home as much as possible (with 8,000+ positive tests the whole nation will be positive before the year is over and that was exactly what the government hoped for: group immunity!) the royal family leaves right after the speech by royal plain to... Greece.

As we all know the royal family is what we call overweight. No matter how much money the king has for some reason he can't find a suit that fits him. Guess what? The royal family doesn't have the virus either. What makes me wonder is why those three girls aren't at school. The holidays didn't start yet or are those children more precious than the common people theirs who are forced to visit the school and even have to take extra lessons during the autumn vacation. Lessons from teachers who take risks too and kept working even during the first lockdown in March because parents had to work?

A grumpy, angry king returned the next morning because a plane spotter noticed the family hit the road and told it to the media. The king was angry because he deserved vacation and why should he be an example for the nation? Some say he isn't very intelligent, others say he doesn't care, both reasons are good enough to dump a man who only costs money and who's only message to the people was to hang in and "we all can do with less". It's not the first time the royal family ignores the rules set by the government. Why should they if the prime minister is responsible?

The prime minister did what was expected from him, the media already said he would do if he did not know our royalties hit the road...admitting he did know and apologize. As if Mr. Rutte can stop the king from leaving... It's a big joke the whole pandemic theatre and since ministers and royalty don't care the question is why should we, why should the people care?

We have no new information about this virus since March/April 2020. A facemask will not save us and the government let the elderly die. They are not allowed to be taken to hospital and by now the rest of the ill people neither (the hospital beds are for covid-19 patients only). Somehow it feels to me this pandemic is used as an excuse for nearly everything (no money for hospitals for example) except for accepting more emigrants and let ministers and kings have their fun.

By now we know Johnson & Johnson paused developing a vaccine because people get Covid-19 more than once. In the UK they tested their vaccine on people and an investigation is going on... At least one person became seriously ill. Seriously enough to be disabled for the rest of his life. The EU is prepared or should I say aware the vaccines developed now are most likely dangerous. If you get ill, put a claim they will pay you (do not count on the USA amount). If you ask me they should not pay you because it is you who asks to be vaccinated and me the taxpayer who needs to pay you, you who are too stupid to think now.

Interested in China's nearly finished vaccine the Dutch government is not. We do not know why but most likely it is because they are to blame. To blame because they brought this over us and already earned enough money by selling facemasks and equipment to the unprepared world. It all sounds like a war. War is business. First, you drop a bomb, next you play the savior and after that, you sell your latest weapon or make money out of your old shit.

Will the Dutch nation never be vaccinated? Of course she will. As a child we already receive over 40 vaccines to keep us safe from viruses and our government does not care about autoimmune diseases.

This time will not be different from the situation in 2009. The Mexican flu, a vaccine made in a hurry. The organization Lareb had to deal with over 10,000 health claims. Health claims as a result of a hastily bought, not working, damiging health for life vaccine. A vaccine that did cost a lot of tax. 10,000 claims and like we know most Dutch people will not put a claim at all because this is not America, if it comes to it you get zero.

Like said the EU is prepared and so is Lareb this time. They already count with thousands if not millions of claims.

Who will be vaccinated first? The elderly and sick of course. Those people who aren't killed yet and most likely cannot complain. After them, the lucky ones are the teachers and caretakers. Those with some intellect, those who should know better... If they still need it of course. At that time they can be dead too or immune if immunity against this type of coronavirus exists at all. If not vaccination is pointless and we better continue our life. Those who are immune for some reason will live on, so will the dexamethasone users and the introverts. The rest will be infected and a part of them will get ill and get over it or get ill and die. It's a natural thing, dying I mean, and if it comes to this virus most likely it's not survival of the fittest but the smartest.

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