#hasil2020 - Update March 8, 2020

It's Sunday, March 8, 2020 and time for a #hasil2020 update.
My connection is extremely slow each site I try to load remains blank.

What to do?
I write an update about the past week and see if I can fill out the numbers later.

I set 5 goals.

Later I changed it into six.
Three goals set are all about the money, one is about increasing my SP, one about losing weight and the last one about engaging on Steem(it).

The first goal I reached was my weight.

I lost enough, changed that goal, made it and now I am gaining again and have to start again.
It's disappointing because this means I can not have a normal meal/dinner like pea soup or some rice with meat which means I can not celebrate birthdays or special days by eating some food.

My health is on its reverse.
Yeah it looks like I survived the winter but the neck and joint pains are back, I am dehydrated, drink a lot but cannot pee and hardly move. I the last week the infections started again, including eye infections. For the time being I will not jump and bend and stretch.
Might be I start with the Omega 7+ pills again but I need 60 euro to buy them so for the next months it has to wait.

My pension

Might be I need the extra savings within two years. I did save so far more as expected but 600 euro a year is not enough but... it is as it is.
Without money, there's no way the youngest can stay in school, and even without car and wolves, we have 0 left for food.
At that time we better keep our fingers crossed nothing gets broke and I can still afford to pay the rent and we have water.
Our highest costs for a living are rent, electricity and gas bills, health insurance and the car.

The car

I need it so I need to save for the yearly test, repairs and a new second one.
I hope to have the amount set at the end of 2020 but if the costs for the yearly test are high(er) as expected I am back at zero. That test is April/May. Only one perhaps two paydays away.

The visa card

I save on it. I might need a part of what I saved for the gas station or... The amount will go up and down. I should save more/month but it's not in it.
You can't save what you don't have.

I wish I lived a luxury life. Smoked, drunk alcohol, used drugs, bought a lot of food, expensive clothes and shoes, traveled the world and were a shopaholic. It would be so much easier to save if I skipped that all.


I do my best, give it a try but it's not in it.
My connection is slow or very slow and last week was not my lucky week. Not even ten posts I can load/read at a time. I give up on commenting, trying if it takes too long. It eats time and it frustrating. Yesterday it cost me 17 euros to answer the comments. This is too expensive.

Financial luck

  • I saved enough to pay the taxes.
  • My daughter paid me a bit money back which I used for several saving boxes.
  • The children remained home one day so it saved me petrol
  • The bus-kid no longer works on Saturdays which saves me petrol too (120 kilometers).
  • We hardly heat up the house so no firewood and extra gas needed from now on.

hasil2020 is started by @davidke20. I have no idea if @victoria-bella (CCC-member)

@victora-bella (CCC-member)
@sacra97 (CCC-member)
@wira8788 (CCC-member)
@felixgarciap (CCC- member)
@gertu (CCC-member)
@shaidon and @rokhani

I started with/ I need

  1. Retirement: 0 / 600
  2. Car: 0 / 1500
  3. Visa: 0 /1200
  4. Double SP: 2216 / 4500 _(delegations included)_
  5. Weight: ? / 60

CCC = #hive-166850

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